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We wish you a Merry Christmas! The Christmas devlog has just arrived at Steam, and in it our wishes for you and two mechanics on the train! Choo—Choo!

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Honor the survivors!

Has the Christmas atmosphere already set in your homes?


We wish you the gifts of your dreams and peaceful moments spent with your family.

Christmas trees, better than on the Survival League train, and good health ;)

Do not enter the mists of plague!

A bit of warmth will come in handy for both you and the train crew! The cold is seeping into the train and will not let go… until you install a warming stove module!

small freeze

But it's not just the cold that gives our crew a hard time… Entering the swampy second biome, your crew is also at risk of getting exposed to poisoning! How to cope with such a situation, our engineer Ela will gladly tell you:

train b2 ela

By the way, we also want to tell you about special items. You can find them during exploration, and believe that they are worth looking for. This is because they give special abilities to the leader who has one!

special items

Merry Christmas, everyone!

We also want to thank you very much for getting us into the top 100 of 2022!

Take a look at our steam, and you will read the announcement on Beta testing

Add the game to your steam wishlist, so you don't miss it!

~ Pandemic Train team

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