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v4.210 of LBKR has been released along with 5.210 for Linux users.

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So at last, 4.210 is released! ...actually it was released two days but I haven't had time to post an update here until now, sorry for the delay but better late than never I suppose! :)


The most important new features of 4.210 are the three new mysteries to solve, two new missions to complete and a new boss to fight. Apart from that a whole bunch of bug fixes and glitches has been fixed, artwork improved and smaller extra content added. The player may now choose more freely in the game settings what visual quality and image effects should be enabled.

Since the release a few glitches have been detected but they will be fixed before the weekend, along with a new weapon and projectile type namely, the flamethrower!

2016420004 2016421005

As for the next major update (4.22x) I'm going to introduce a new module of the gore-system that I call Gorefrag (... yes, that's probably the most corny name ever but it'll have to do for now) It's not anything sensational really, but it will allow the player to execute enemies in more stylish and/or brutal ways that will also reward the player with greater energy claim per gorefrag-kill (...when corniness became cornier!) I've set up a prototype that I'm working with as we speak, but the module won't be finished or deployed along with the fix that will be released later this week.

2016421001 2016421009

The LBKR game clients can be downloaded from my here but will also be available from the "Downloads" page here on LBKR soon! If you have the 4.200 version on your computer, simply remove it and unzip (or install) the 4.210 version. No dataloss will occur since LBKR saves your character profiles in another directory than the game folder.

Full release log can read below along with known issues.


Known issues

AI: Corpse objects are unable to locate all damage model datablocks ( Fix in 4.211 )

Game Logic: If the player dies inside the Gardener's Garden in the Oxygen Processing chapter, there's no way to get back inside the garden without reloading the chapter. (Fix in 4.211)

Game Logic: The oxygen levels decrease at rediculous speed in the Gardener's Garden, rendering the arena near impossible atleast on Moderate difficulty settings. (Fix in 4.211)

- LBKR Update Log v4.210 -

4 / 6 / 2016


- Fixed issue with AI agents triggering platform trackers for the player character so that the player would start following any platform that the AI were using
- The AI's default attacks are now serialized instead of generated at runtime, leaving more control to give different monsters different attack behaviour, despite the attack beeing of the same type
- Fixed issue with the AI power beam attack continuing even though the AI casting it has died.
- New boss added, called "The Commander"

Graphics / Visuals

- MST*: Changed shader of the spore infestation objects in order to sort out clipping issues
- Animations: The player character is now animated correctly when moving, camera orientation is now added to the direction calculations to allow the animator to blend the correct animations despite the camera beeing rotated.
- Animations: The player character now use IK targets to ensure all weapons are held properly when equiped instead of completely relying on animations.
- Animations: Fixed Animation glitches for all Forsaken monsters
- Fixed bug with ragdolls standing in a t-pose when a monster dies
- FX: Improved fx for the Soldier's "Plagued Bash" ability
- FX: Improved fx for the Tech's "Solar Stinger" ability
- FX: Improved post-attack fx for the Tech's "Bile Bomb" ability
- FX: Improved post-attack fx for the Tech's "Pulse Mine" ability
- FX: Fixed issue with Tech's "Junkaton" ability's fx trail sometimes disappearing
- FX: Improved projectile fx for the Cryptic's "Shock Barrage" ability
- Camera: Decreased overall magnitude of shake effects
- Camera: Added motion blur image effect
- Camera: Added slow motion effect when attaining high multi-kill counts or leveling up
*MST: Materials, Shaders & Textures


- AI: Increased generated monster level on higher difficulties
- AI: Miniboss Vengeful modifier has increased in power
- Items: Increased the drop rate of Void Crystal material drops
- Items: Fixed issue with extremely high durability values beeing generated for high-tier gear
- Items: Decreased consumable item's points value tier modifier
- Items: Decreased armor defense value's tier modifier
- Items: Mythical items now require void crystals to unlock item modifiers
- Items: Decreased generated material drop stack sizes
- Soldier Class: Increased cooldown of ability "Plagued Bash"
- Soldier Class: Decreased Life-steal ratio of "Plagued Bash"


- Mysteries that are under investigation by the player are now stored in the player's log book.
- Added a tutorial hint regarding weapon quick swapping
- Added tutorial hint regarding camera input
- Added tutorial hint regarding carried game objects
- New exquisite-classed items has been added, they are much like bounty gear, more powerful then the ordinary items found in loot or shops, but can only be aquired through challenges or achievments
- Item Modifiers of items with higher rarity ranking now require materials of equal rarity ranking as the item the modifier belong to
- Oxygen is now drained alot faster in the Gardener boss arena of Oxygen Processing

User Interface

- Mission Window: When opened the last tracked quest will no longer be viewed if the mission has been completed and closed
- Inventory: Fixed issue with material cost text bleeding into item modifier tooltip text
- Inventory: Increased gear preview camera near-clipping distance to prevent some gear from not rendering in the preview panel

Game World & Tiles

- New hidden levels added
- Created New void challenge mission "The Obscure Machine"
- Created new void challenge mission "Covert Wretch"
- Added three new mysteries
- Fixed the portal leading to the Forsaken Nest levels, it referenced a non-existing level
- Added beastiery entries for the "Conjurer", "Pawn", "Rowdy", "Ranger", "Void Walker" and "Bile Pit" monsters


- Bloom Image Effect is now possible to toggle on or off from the options menu


- Achievments: Abilities are no longer rewarded for completing achievments
- Journal: A log collectible found in the void level "Forsaken Peak" was repaired, the target log could not be found in the database due to identifier error
- Linux:Prepared databases and file management code for linux build
- Settings: Collected mysteries are now properly loaded on startup and added to the player's mystery tracking list
- Settings: Fixed issue with the game not saving progress of the selected difficulty mode when the player completes the story
- Game Logics: Fixed a bug that made it possible to gain negative energy vital values
- Game Logics: Fixed a bug that allowed the player to regenerate health and energy even when dead
- Game Logics: Achievments database is now properly validated when the game has been updated with the latest build
- Settings: Fixed issue with some graphic-related game settings not saving the toggled state when the settings are changed.

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