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Update Information on Last of Humanity worlds first Procedurally Generated Persistent Zombie Survival MMO/FPS

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Hello folks, this is the 2nd post and I’m a day late, sorry.

In truth I had this worked out days ago, and I’ve been going back and forth between my marketer and myself; checking the wording and set up how things are working. In the end, at about 4am my time, I realize it completely strayed away from what I was aiming to do. It is kind of funny; I wanted to explain features and work out everything, but I found myself going off in the opposite direction.

So I decided the best thing to do was to completely rewrite this on the fly; that’s right, you’re getting a 100% unedited, unfiltered me. Hard core right?

Okay so, let’s break things down. The development team has been pressing hard (and I mean hard) on getting the Main Menu and Launcher to a point where functionality and visual style meet. It’s rather interesting and you’ll see soon enough.

Our website is starting to rise from the grave (in the literal sense) Miscommunication on my part created an issue that I didn’t notice until the GUI designer for the game gave me the “wtf…”, after which a slew of very interesting and colourful language followed.

Thankfully now we are back on track.

So; right now we are going to start the Lottery for the Alpha release of the game. We will be doing this on a referral system wherein you accrue points; the more points the better odds. You can receive points by joining the Newsletter, along with filling out questionnaires and surveys as we start publishing more information. Points will also be earned through tweeting and posting on the forums as we release more information to the general public. We are currently preparing our visible in-game images, more concept artwork, along with out launcher as soon as it is ready.

Now on to information about the game; what’s what, and when’s when?

Our Developer Alpha Test should begin here in a few days, but we are focusing on the Menu system, working on getting the login system working, along with the general handling of the game’s controls. Our main menu is rather different from the standard; it’s built in to the game, as a fully-functioning building in which different devices are accessible.

You may be wondering on why we’re doing this? Well, depending on your in-game situation, the main menu will change depending on the environment of your surroundings. If you have a fully protected house your menu will look as such, and you can run around in it, as can others.

It’s exactly what it sounds like; a menu that runs directly in-game.

This is the first time we have shared this information outside of our dev meetings, and I choose to share it now; some of you will no doubt be excited about this, and some of you may reserve some trepidation.

It was also originally planned that the launcher would operate as the login system, as you can tell by “originally” you’ll see that we’ve scrapped this idea; the launcher will just be the updater, as well as a hub for game information. We have a few more ideas of course, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Since this game is intended to operate in the traditional sense of an MMO, along with the gameplay style of an FPS, you will have access to specialized skills, in which you will be able to level up and train.

In other MMOs we feel that the end result of a character is always the same; hit button, thing happens, do other thing. There’s no randomization (barring the odd “CRIT!”)and in the end it just makes everyone bland and boring, with gear being the only defining factor.

Our skills are procedurally generated; don’t panic, I’ll try to explain it clearly. The main stats are Defense, Offense, Buff, De-Buff, Skill, and Power. These are broken down in to sub-categories which we will explain on our site once it’s up. There are also a set of non-procedurally generated stats; the RPG staples of Str, Dex, Int, etc. I’ll avoid an information overload and skip to the good bit; when your character is generated for the first time by the server, you aren’t even there. You are taking the life of one out of hundreds of thousands of NPCS on the server, and they are yours until they die, or until you kill them. (There’s more to it than that, but I don’t plan to tell you yet)

Since this generated character existed before your choices; he/she comes with a set of Skills which can be levelled. Heck, they could have almost no Skills at all. Once you take control though, these Skills are yours to command, and they are developed by taking on Ideas, which become Thoughts, Thoughts turn to Actions, et voila; Actions become Skills. Like a spider web around your character.

There’s more to come, and detailed examples, but let’s wait until the website is done.

There is so much more to share, that I don’t even know where to start. We have opened up a private wiki, and as soon as the Site is up, we will be launching a ton of information to the public, along with launching our crowdfunding/alphafunding system. For now though; stay tuned.

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