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Post news RSS Last 3 Weeks (April 24-May 14) : Improvements In Town, New Creature, & More!

Last three weeks progress: town improvements (modular fences, hedges on ledges), armor improvements, new creature (gifs), alchemy progress, potion splatters, egg-quippable eggs, new water cave ground, & more!

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Greetings everyone! For the last three weeks, we've made progress on these things:


Fancy fences? Here’s two variants that are now found throughout the Town. I made various sizes and pieces that all fit together and can be placed throughout the land!



Also placed around town, hedges and their dirt beds underneath.



  • Armor pieces residing on the same limb will now combine their protection values (e.g. pauldrons, bracers, and a shield for the same arm). Previously, only one armor piece per limb would add on to a limb’s overall protection…
  • When taking a hit, all armor pieces on the hit limb will share the condition damage. This will result in slower condition degrading for a limb with more armor pieces.
  • An armor piece’s protection will now scale with its condition value. If you land a hit on a heavily armored opponent dealing no damage, don’t give up! The condition will keep lowering with each hit and you may find yourself inflicting some damage, eventually.


TAR Rabbit Idle

Here’s a preview of the fleeing bunny from the player. Watch him run.

Running Rabbit

Rabbits have some basic AI, much like the chicken, and can be seen hopping around the outskirts of the town.


We now have a new equation for combining ingredient effects. An effect’s potency is no longer simply calculated as an average of all properties found in a mixture. Instead, a mixture must contain an elemental property in at least 2 ingredients for it to appear in the resulted mixture and uses the following equation:

For each elemental property found within the mixture of ingredients, the potency = (nm)/(x+1).

Where n is the sum of the elemental properties’ potency among all ingredients, m is the sum of opposing elemental properties’ potency among all ingredients, and x is the amount of ingredients without the corresponding elemental property.

The duration of these effects, however, is a whole other can of worms, which we won’t get into today. Besides, it is subject to change at this point.



(Splat texture courtesy of Gustav Hagerling from the Unity Asset Store)

Potions now splatter when thrown, and broken. Player’s can strike a potion and it will exude its contents, applying its effects to nearby characters. Also, if you use a potion to block an attack the potion can break, applying its effects on you and, most likely, the attacker – if close enough. We’ll probably decrease the size of the splash from a potion, as it is quite large…



Not only can eggs be consumed, they can also be equipped and thrown.


TAR_WaterCave_GravelPreviewPreview of a new ground texture now seen throughout the Water Cave.


• Item info now displays an item slot’s combined weight (amount x weight), as well as the weight of a single item.

• Larger weapons now play lower-pitched hit sounds.

• Pumpkins can now be destroyed!

• Camera zooms out a bit when mounting a horse.

• Shields that reside on your back, are putaway, will no longer apply protection to your arm.

• Lefties can finally use items in their offhand.

• Broken items no longer appear in quickslot toggling.

• Setup certain doors and windows to use animation for opening/closing them. As a result, they no longer flip backwards when being closed.

• Improved block item priority. Offhand weapon, if one, is used over the dominant hand weapon for blocking (unless it’s not a “real” weapon, like a potion).

• Setup transitions in the character AnimatorTree between block animations. When swapping equipment while blocking (using quickslots or dropping an item due to crippling), you won’t have to release the block button to get the new animation to play (e.g. shield block to unarmed).

• Increased stamina cost for punches.

• Fixed bug where all shoes’ condition in your inventory would decrease when taking steps, rather than just the ones equipped/worn.

• Fixed mounting while crouching animation bug.

• Fixed bug that would occur when trying to refill/renew weapon incandescence. This used to cause the effect to cease.

• Fixed a camera bug that prevented the camera from zooming out when ragdolling.

• Fixed bug again where items that were putaway/sheathed could be dropped due to the corresponding arm being crippled.

Jon also started working on a tune for the town. It sounds quite amazing with fancy non-sampled MIDI instruments. :P

Have an egg-cellent weekend everyone!



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