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The first demo for the game Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind is ready!

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Greetings gamers and developers,

The first demo of the game Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind is now ready!
The game page can be found here!

Story 2

The game tells the story of the island of Eastwind, a land troubled by recurring invasions of monsters and villains. Every four years this seems to happen, and no one knows where the monsters and evil-doers keep coming from.
In response the king and his advisors have organised a great tournament, to rid the island of all the monsters and persons of ill repute. Every four years the tournament is held, and this year, you will participate as well!

Features 1

* Chose your hero and fight the good fight in exciting battles.

* Play out different stories with different protagonists. Some fighting for good, some for evil.

* Explore the island of Eastwind and the islands surrounding it.

* Travel through dense jungles, dark caves, mysterious forests, and a land underwater.


The game is part of the Lantern of Worlds universe, which I have been creating since 5 years now.

If you'd allow me some musings, I'd really like to share the following :)

Though I really like creating games, I have often felt something was missing when I finished a game, and moved on to the next. It felt like building a house, finishing it, and starting on a new one from scratch Instead of living in the house and upgrading it, building a new porch, maybe a garden, something like that.

So with this game I would like to try something new. To create a sort of tapestry, an evergoing game where I can just go on weaving new storylines and create new lands indefinitely. Without starting over from scratch every time.

A living game, hopefully, with many new chapters to come!





Screenshot2 1



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