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It's been a while but there has been a good deal of progress made to the game. The first Beta has been released and I am looking forward to getting some great feedback from everyone.

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If you want to skip this and jut play the game, here are some options for you

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Kozmic Blue Beta 1 for Windows


Kozmic Blue Beta 1 for Linux


Kozmic Blue Beta 1 for Mac


Game Updates

Removing the Time Restraint on the levels has really made the game much more fun for most people. There was nothing worse, then getting almost to the end of the level and running out of time.

I spent a good portion of time getting the new Electro-Magnetic fields working and looking correct. I am quite happy with the results, I hope you are too.

My original concept was to have blue travel around the Universe to different Planets and Worlds. Each Planet would then have a number of levels to complete. In this release, the first Planet selection scene has been built for the Red World. There will be 4 Planets in the Red World, only the first 3 will be available on initial release of the game. The artwork is currently just placeholder art, pictures of the planets will eventually be replacing them.

Achievements!!! Yes, finally I have a completed, functioning achievement system. If you play the game with an online account your achievements will be saved on any platform you play on. Some achievements may be platform specific.

You may also have noticed the placeholders for the Leaderboard, and player statistics. These will be available in the next Beta release.

Level Designer

No news here.

Coming Soon

  • Kozmic Shop where you can buy hair, glasses, clothes and hats for Kozmic Blue
  • More updated Graphics
  • Best Time
  • Leaderboard
  • Personal Stats
  • Level Design Contest
  • More Levels...
  • More Bosses...

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