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Post news RSS Kickstarter Progress, and delving into the Pet system!

We've reached a milestone in our Kickstarter progress, we're now over a quarter of the way there! Thanks very much to our backers so far. For today's news I will be talking about our upcoming Pet system for TinyKeep.

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On rare occasions you will encounter various captured beasts and animals, usually guarded by a band of hungry Orcs. If you manage to free them before they end up as breakfast, they will be eternally grateful and will become your trusted companion.

Pets will faithfully follow their master throughout the dungeon instance, and each will have their own unique abilities to help you in the thick of battle. Dragons have the power to fly above the smaller monsters, avoiding attacks while raining tiny fireballs from above. Wolves, on the other hand have great ground attacking power, and their sense of smell allows them to warn you of incoming fiends.

Once you have obtained a pet, it will remain permanently attached to your persistent character profile. However, you will only be able to take one pet with you when you start a new dungeon instance - so choose wisely before you start! Some pets will be better than others against certain monster types...

As usual, this can only be made possible with Matthias Andre's beautiful art and animation.

To help support TinyKeep, please visit our Kickstarter page at: Kickstarter.com

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