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Post news RSS [Kickstarter] Monochrome Episode One - A Punny Rubber Hose Adventure RPG

Announcing the launch of Monochrome Episode One on Kickstarter! Are you ready to experience a punstoppably funny narrative adventure filled with solicitous enemies, strange events, staged battles, and a sidesplitting day in the city of entertainment, Vaudeville?

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Ciao-ruscuro! Our game roughly three years in the making has FINALLY launched on Kickstarter!

Monochrome Episode One is a pun-filled turn-based adventure RPG! Explore a 1920's toon society, perform on stage, entertain enemies, and build your own acting troupe full of punstoppable toons! Delve deep into a modern story with themes of betrayal, gray morality, and where everyone has their agenda. To say Monochrome connects a century of culture--1920's art with 2020's storytelling--would be perfectly accurate!

Take the stage and see the unique perspective our game has to offer on turn-based battles: either entertain foes and recruit them or let your fists do the talking! Every action takes an amount of "time" and you can spend a certain amount of time on actions per turn, allowing you to do multiple small jokes or one big performance!

If you're interested at all, once again you can check out our Kickstarter by clicking on this link! If you can't back, even sharing the url or a quick rt of our Twitter post helps immensely!

Thank y'all very much for your time!

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