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How are we doing in our campaign, and what have we been doing in the meantime?

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So far the Kickstarter has reached $230 with 11 backers! I am deeply grateful for those who have shared or backed Threshold. However, if we are going to pull this off we are going to need to ramp things up. We are unfortunate to be starting from scratch in the social networking department so please help us share the word if you want this game to happen!

If you don’t have the link you can find it here: Kickstarter.com

In other news ground checks are mostly working now yay! This is the part of the code that makes blocks check if they are actually touching the ground and if not try and find a connection. If they can’t find a connection they break. Now you may be going, “but wait, didn’t you already do that? We watched it in the video!” and you would be correct. However the ground check in the video was an older highly bugged and highly laggy version. All of the relevant code was scraped and we started over from scratch creating a far more robust system. It still hasn’t been properly optimized in any way but the new way of doing it will save your computers a whole lot of work.

Completing this also marks the end of our long trek to get back to where we were. The videos show off the highpoint of what we had created as a proof of concept, a tech demo of sorts. We then stepped back and started laying down a proper framework to make going forward much easier. Ground checks were the last thing that we had to complete to get back to where we were in the tech demo. That means in the near future you will be seeing some new cool stuff popping up.

The plan is to start integrating the Voxeland terrain deformation into the main game in the coming week and perhaps start working on a grappling hook as well ; D

See you soon,
Steven Palermo

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