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How do flea's survive? Well, they need blood of course. Help a flea named Fleazer to survive this frantic adventure where danger awaits. How long could you stay alive?

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Here is a video intro release video for Fleazer:header

You will be controlling a little flea named Fleazer. He will be the main character for this game. As you help him find what he is looking for, he is helping you get point's. How helpful you both are to each other, also please be gentle with him.exex 13ex 12

Here is the main target that Fleazer is searching for, a bump full of blood in it. Of course flea's love their blood don't they?ex 4ex 6

This is the point system. This will go up the longer you survive, which count's for high scores against other players, who have played fleazer, to see who's the best of the best.ex 5

There will be power up's to help you on your adventure . These power up's are:

Timer: adds more time to your clock to help you stay alive and last longer.ex 7

Egg: summon's a friend that will help you increase more point's much faster overtime.ex 8

On your adventure, there will be enemy's that will try to stop you in your tracks. Beware at all costs.ex 9ex 10ex 11

If you touch one of those enemy's or time seems to run out, you will explode into smithereens so be careful. ex 2ex 3


Want to try Fleazer? Go here: Fleazer The Flea

Here is the website fore the game as well: Fleazer's website

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