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The development team of Epic Of Tales, is seeking currently talented artists to join our ranks.

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3D Artist
We need custom work for animations (based on Adobe’S Mixamo characters, and Unreal Engine characters), for general mesh specific work, and for customizations of existing characters (Model editing, creation of new clothes).

2D Artist
We require graphic work for UI specific buttons, spell and ability icons, or for the creation of scenery, based on the game lore.

Graphic Designer
We still need a solid logo design, and are missing a decent UI design.

In the past weeks we made some good progress with our multiplayer RPG, got a couple of new team members. Recently two story writers joined our ranks. The story team is currently working on the first quests and basic lore.

Please apply here if you think you should be part of the EOT team Epicoftales.com Post your portfolio (Your Artstation.com ). Compensation will be sales based. Thanks.

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Let me know if you need a sound design engineer or a voice actor. I'm skilled in all accents and went to UC Berkeley of California to be an audio engineer for 6 years. I'm not the best for folly sounds but I can process anything sent to me to give it that extra level of depth. I have clean external USB recording equipment too.

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Forgot to sign in...Derp! I'm still interested in working with you guys though. The above comment is mine.

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