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Pulsar is not dead, but the focus has changed to a single player campaign for now called Pulsar-Legacies, found as a new Game under this account.

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Sorry been away a long time. After the launch of Star Citizen I felt thrilled and beaten down at the same time. I know I could never compete, and SC looks to be everything I ever wanted in a Space Combat game. Since working on Pulsar, I realized I had no marketing skills, I had no fan base, and I had no one (but a small handful) to test the networking code, so how was I to release I title that would require a large fan base to work. I decided about a year ago to change tactics and focus on a single player campaign using the same tech. It's coming along well. I just started a new GAME in Indie DB for Pulsar-Legacies, the single player campaign version of this title. Please follow and let me know what you think, I'm happy for the feedback.


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