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Inverto alpha finally got a new update, and now my project is on Indiegogo!

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Good news to all of you!

First of all this is a new trailer (Tip: there is a new feature at the end):

Hope, you like it! And if you haven't played Inverto, you'll consider to give it a try.

Second, alpha version is now updated to version 0.22 and there are some changes!

  • Checkpoints! Everybody loves them, but if you don't just play on normal or hard difficulty.
  • Orientation help. If you feel disoriented, press Q key and a view will turn in right direction. Note: this is only direction, it does not give you puzzle solution, sometimes you'll still need to look around to find the answer. Orientation help is disabled on hard difficulty.
  • Death screen. When you die press left mouse button to respawn or right mouse button if you give up.
  • Difficulty. If you play on 'easy' you use checkpoints and orientation help. On 'normal' only orientation help works. On hard both are disabled.
  • Interaction. By pressing E key you can pick up some objects and drag them around, just like a 'companion cube' only in my case it's balls ('companion balls', hell yeah!). Later I'll add some interactive objects like switches, consoles etc.

Third, more serious stuff. Project really needs your help. Inverto is still alive and well, but that is temporary. That's why today I've launched Indiegogo campaign. To really make this project a reality, and to check if real interest to my project exists. Be sure to check out this page, there is some new info and features I'm trying to make. If you can't contribute, you still can help by sharing, writing, talking or in any other way spreading the words about this game or about campaign.

Thanks for reading this!

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amazing and very original...

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