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Post news RSS Invasion: Neo Earth Leaves Early Access with Update 1.7.0

As Invasion: Neo Earth leaves early access, update 1.7.0 brings a new music track, forcefield mechanics, mission objectives and fixes.

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Greetings Strategic Sci-Fi Fans!
I'm happy to announce that with version 1.7.0 Invasion: Neo Earth is leaving early access behind.

Invasion: Neo Earth is a retro sci-fi turn-based strategy game all about battling alien invaders to a soundtrack of Metal and Synthwave! A demo is available from the Steam Store Page for those who wish to try their hand at defending the human colony world 'Neo Earth' from the vicious alien hordes of the Sectyd.

1.7 Changelog

  • New music track 'Ambient Intrusion' added, also added to soundtrack DLC and available free for anyone who's already purchased it simply by re-downloading from Steam.
  • Forcefield mechanic added to enemy bases in some missions - hunt down the power generator structures to bring them down.
  • Mission 2 objectives changed to include protecting Cathedral structure
  • Minor fixes for melee' type enemies attacking buildings and tooltips when hovering over buildings
  • Fix to enemy base damage mechanics

This being the first video game I have ever created it is somewhat a milestone, but at the same time it's only really a starting point - I fully intend to bring further content your way for this game as well as developing future new titles and I will do my best to patch any new bugs that may emerge, The early access stage has truly been a massive learning curve and I am grateful for the support and patience of everyone who's ever filed a bug report or feature suggestion that has helped me improve what I do.

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