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Capsa is an open world, social game providing users with the opportunity to hang out in an absolutely breathtaking, and ever expanding environment. In this short article we go into more detail about what Capsa actually is and show off some videos and screenshots.

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What is Capsa and what can you do?

Capsa's players can enjoy exploring a large open world and can express their individuality through the advanced customization features as well as enjoy streaming videos and music, with all their friends, in their personalized home theatres, at one of the many dance clubs, or various hangouts available.

Developed using the most up-to-date technology, Capsa is designed to take full advantage of current hardware, providing an awesome, high-resolution experience. Full gamepad support is provided with the intention of also supplying complete VR support.

Advanced Customization

In Capsa we have included some pretty extensive customization features, shown above is an alpha build of the character editor. In it you can see we have close to a hundred adjustments for the character shape and build alone, there will also be sections for elements like makeup, complexion, hair styles and outfits.

You can also see how the world around is rendered in with attention to detail, there is waves crashing against the shore, the plants and trees sway in the wind, plus there is a full night/day cycle as well as some weather elements currently developed.


Online worlds, hosted by the player

Users will be offered the ability to host their own dedicated servers, allowing player counts of at least 64 players. There will also be Listen server support, so, if a user simply wishes to be in a world with only a few friends, they can host a server on the same machine they are playing on, which will, perhaps, support 8 to 16 players, without any complex processes. Just host, invite friends via chat, and play! Why can’t it always be that simple?

There will also be developer hosted servers available in each region scaled to accommodate a number of users on demand.

We are on Greenlight and need your help!

Currently the game is in early development and we are seeking approval on Steams Greenlight. We aim to release sometime in the fall of this year. If you like what you see then please help us out by taking the time to vote yes on the greenlight page via widget below :)

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DranyaStudio - - 22 comments

Wow, congratulation!

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Vetron Author
Vetron - - 238 comments

Thanks :)

Will be showing off more of the game on here soon - its been a hectic few days to get the Greenlight page the right amount of attention :D

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