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Our first post here, introducing our game concept and the start of our prototype.

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Hello there, we are No Idle Hands, and we are two students currently developing the game Soul Defender for a school project.

Soul defender is a Tower Defense game with an emphasis on player action. We were not happy in just letting the player sit idly by while the towers did all of the work, simply placing a new tower or upgrading an existing one every now and then. So, when we take that into account, we decided to make the player take control of the tower themselves.

The core mechanic of this game will be the player possessing towers to shoot them directly, like in a first person shooter, and we intend to implement mechanics and level design that will force the player to be on the move constantly, making it so staying still for too long will not only cause enemies to mount an overwhelming assault but also will cause the player to miss out on the possibility to deal great amounts of damage with different towers.

And so we are already getting some work done on the prototype. We're not quite done yet, but we have already implemented some key systems like the enemy waypoint system that makes them follow the designated path, implemented in a way that allows us to have multiple different paths. Not only that but the tower targeting system works well as well as the spawning points.

The following video showcases what we have so far.

And with that, we'll see you all next update!

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