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Development has been progressing nicely! Stations and equipment now require power to function. Combat has also been expanded, as well as the basics of loot. Lots of UI work as well!

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Development lately has focused on three aspects:

Expanding combat

Creating an energy system

Work on bugs/feedback from the last demo

Yesterday was all about bugs, but this last week I've really expanded the power system. Each ship hull has a certain amount of power it can generate. Some can generate more than others! Ship power and equipment is all managed through this. You allocate the power to certain functions, and then the stations pull from said functions. If you allocate power to weapons, the weapons can work. If you allocate power to systems, the scanners and navigation work. If you allocate power to life support, you prevent the crew from dying etc....

Interstellaria - Assign Energy To stations

Guns are also tied into this system. If you wish you manually offline a specific station just right click -> offline or right click-> online. Right now with only a few systems to worry about it's pretty easy. Once other functions (engines, life support) it gets hairy for the player.

What's cool is enemies can now hit specific rooms. I haven't implemented a targeting system yet for player or enemy, but right now when an enemy randomly hits the room there's a chance for a "critical hit" which damages anything in that room. In test ship there are no doors so it's a bit hard to tell which room is which, but regardless it's pretty devastating to go from 75% accuracy to 25% accuracy when your tactical station goes offline

I've also worked on the way information is handled by the game. The alerts have a bit more flow to them now:

Finally, here's a video of everything in action:

A little bonus:

Enemy salvage. Click the bits to get money or items... or just leave.


cool! Nice to see it coming together. I expect great things! (No pressure)

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