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Announcing the official Interplanetary Wiki at Curse's Gamepedia! Also check out our quick update on the general situation with Interplanetary and its netcode.

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Like a bolt out of the blue, it's Interplanetary Wiki! Curse has been gracious enough to offer us a space on their Gamepedia and now we have our very own space for all knowledge on Interplanetary. Being a wiki, anyone can add to it and they should! So to all you wiki enthusiasts: go have a field day! Just keep in mind the usual rules of conduct.

Can't wait to see what kind of things will start popping up there! Of course, we may join in periodically to add in some super secret information...

What about the Game?

While the wiki is a pretty awesome thing, I'm sure you're curious about how Interplanetary is progressing. We are still planning on rolling out with an alpha update within the coming weeks and we haven't forgotten about you Linux users either! I'd say that the big thing causing us trouble, at the moment, is networking.

A common problem reported to us has been the non-functional "Start Game"-button in the Online Lobby. We've found the problem, and while the fix hasn't been implemented, it is possible to work around it by restarting your computer and trying again. The problem is connected to the way the game chooses a random port to use in the online game, and if the port isn't free, the game won't start. By restarting your computer, the game chooses a new, hopefully free port.


We were actually working on updating the alpha over a month ago, but while adding the new features, we noticed that our online game just didn't support them well enough. Back to the drawing board, then! For now, we're working on adding support for the upcoming features, in addition to fixing some of the other things. As some of you may have noticed, Defenses aren't very reliable in online games; this is not by design!

Other things that we're fixing include the addition of host migration, accurate victory screens and better data synchronization between players.

It's been a doozy, but solving the issues with networking will surely make things easier for everyone. Expect an update in the coming weeks, but be patient! There's still a lot to work out.

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