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Post news RSS Interplanetary Alpha Update: Online Play!

Join the alpha test to try out the new online features! Former testers can use their old codes for this update!

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Hello testers and non-testers alike! Interplanetary has rolled out with a new, updated version of the alpha!

Former testers can use their old alpha code to download the improved version. New testers can also give it a try by shooting us a private message on Facebook, Twitter or here on IndieDB.

Just drop by at www.interplanetarygame.com and test away!

Remember, the alpha test is for the Windows version, but you can contact us, if you would like to try out a more experimental Mac build.

The Changes

Quite a few things have been changed and many of your own suggestions incorporated. The big thing, of course, being Online Play! It's now possible to face your friends all over the world!

Here's a list of major updates and fixes:


  • Online multiplayer enabled
  • Missile targeting changed to be more intuitive
  • WASD rotates camera in Build Mode
  • Weapon trajectories highlight when mouseovering the weapon list
  • Planet orbits highlight with mouseover
  • Camera moves and stops more smoothly
  • Power Grid animation added
  • Slight delay added to Power Grid connections
  • Various balance changes
  • UI improvements
  • Minor graphical updates


  • Missiles now hit where they're supposed to
  • Fixed a lock-up when ending turn after incomplete targeting
  • The infamous "flying buildings"-bug is now less likely to happen
  • Smoke effects displayed in correct spots
  • Repairing buildings now updates properly for all players over LAN/online multiplayer

Our most hardcore testers can take a look at a super detailed changelist here!

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