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It appears that people are starting to take notice of INFRA’s progress and we are doing our best to spread as much information about our game as possible.

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PCGamer picked our game for their "25 Greenlight games you should vote for right now" article. This kind of recognition feels great and will benefit our quest to get INFRA to the masses!

More and more people have been showing interest in INFRA which is insanely exciting and also a little daunting. On Greenlight, almost 27,000 people have voted yes. That makes for thousands of people we don't want to disappoint. As usual, we want the polished bits to be what you see and we will continuously be updating our multitude of pages. Just recently we expanded onto IndieDB. Major updates will be provided on all of our pages but in the coming months look for more "exclusive" benefits from our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Outside Tunnel

Now it's time for some new game info! We put up some screenshots of the flashlight and camera as well as some new scenery pieces. Keep in mind that the hands are a placeholder while we model our protagonist.

Pumping station office Camera and flashlight

Finally, our gameplay video is one what we lovingly call "Valve Time" meaning that we really don't have an exact date on when we can show it to you and will be providing more information in the future.

Keep voting, stay patient, and let us know any ideas or critiques you have.
As always, your enthusiasm drives us on more than anything!

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