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The Inferno Team is looking for texturers and modellers able to work on existing assets and eventually create some from scratch. Read below to find out more.

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1. Introduction
As you probably know, Inferno has been in the works for several years - this means that the modpack includes many assets which need to be improved before the release. Most part of the job involves HTLization and proper UV mapping, so both tasks are doable even with a total lack of knowledge of the FreeSpace Open engine. If necessary, modellers/texturers may also be asked to create assets from scratch, basing their work on concept art and/or other existing assets (with notable differences, of course).

2. Models and textures
The Inferno Team's current priority is to complete the assets that will be used in Inferno: Alliance Standalone, which is in the process of nearing completion. Most part of the work has been taken care of, but there still are about 4 models in need of proper UV mapping and mesh touchups. Obviously, the Team is slowly working on Inferno SCP as well, which needs a more consistent amount of modellers and textures due to its incredibly large modpack. In the future, when Inferno: Alliance 2 will officially be started, the Team would need modellers and textures capable of creating space faring vessels and spacecraft from scratch (INFA2 will share many assets with INF SCP, but will also have its own characteristic features).

3. Music and sound effects
Many artists showed interested on INF, and the Team is more than glad to accept even more of them. The Team is also interested on having people capable of working on a limited number of sound effects, which should be a fairly easy job for expert creators.

4. Game availability
Unlike previous Inferno releases, the ones which are currently WIP will not need a fully installed copy of FreeSpace 2 to work. This means that anyone who's interested on joining the projects will also be able to get the WIP games for better understanding of the work.

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