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This week is all about shops! And I got the crafting feature working, too!

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Resonant Blade Devlog 28
Buy, Sell, Craft!

Hey everyone! This week, we’re talking all about shops! Buying and selling. Plus, I got the crafting feature working. Also, I just started up a Discord server where we can talk game dev and other stuff.

There will be a few shops in the game where you can buy and sell items. Instead of making an entire menu for the buying process, I stuck to more of a Zelda approach where the player can walk up to an item and hold down a button to purchase it. Selling items will open up the inventory menu where the player can select an item to sell.

Some of the items you can buy will be necessary for crafting mods. Mods are craftable items that can be equipped that enhance the player’s stats or even unlock new abilities. Most of the time, these mods will boost one stat while lowering another. For instance, the Energy Resonator will increase Atlas’s energy recharge rate at the expense of defense while the Life Resonator will automatically heal HP over time at the cost of a lower energy recharge rate. Mods are just a little something extra that will help players customize different aspects of combat and gameplay.

Crafting will take place at a crafting station which can be found in Atlas’s apartment and other areas in the world. In order to craft something, you will have to find a schematic for it and collect all of the necessary components. Crafting schematics will be hidden throughout the world in bookcases and treasure chests or can also be obtained from completing side quests.

I redid all of the inventory UI text. I basically ended up making my own font because I was having so much difficulty trying to get Unity to deblurify these pixel fonts. It was a painstaking process, but I basically created specific sprites for each item and item description.

Thanks for reading!
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