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I'm a composer for video games and media based out of Austin, TX. I've experimented with game development in the past creating prototypes and interactive soundscapes. Right now, I'm starting on a 2D Action RPG, Resonant Blade, that emphasizes music and sound as a main gameplay mechanic.

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Play the Resonant Blade Demo for PC + Mac now!

Harness the power of music to battle The Corrupt Automata and bring harmony to the world of Terra in this 2d sci-fi action-adventure!

ParryGIFFightingSnipers smaller


  • Fight your foes with sonic-powered attacks and combos.
  • Scan for resonant tones to exploit your enemies' weak points.
  • Listen for resonant tones to solve puzzles and discover secrets.

V0.0.2: BUG FIXES!

[ 6. 19. 2019 ]

The Resonant Blade Demo 0.0.2 Update is live! Lots of bug fixes and some other minor additions.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Set a fixed full screen resolution to keep UI/HUD elements on screen
    • Fixed boss HP bar bug. Fills up at normal speed now.
    • Removed dev command inputs
    • Updated physics movement and time to scale correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where the player gets stuck in a knockback state from a turret projectile.
    • Fixed Quit Menu opening on top of Controls Menu
    • Boss fight (Krax) - fixed jump attack where Krax gets stuck on the ground sometimes.
  • Art/Animation/UI:
    • Make Proto Labs Telepad Light up after speaking to Cid
    • Created new UI window for Quit Menu
    • Made Resonant Crystal colors on the selection wheel much easier to see while scanner is on
  • Other:
    • Added 'Enter/Return' as a confirm button for menu selection at the title screen.

To report bugs and leave feedback: Forms.gle

Thanks for playing! More updates coming soon...

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