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New trailer, ability to virtualize Lyokowarriors on the replika factories, improved graphics and more optimization on the menu!

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Hello everyone!
The video game Code Lyoko produced by a fan for fans, IFSCL (Code Lyoko Simulated Fictional Interfaces) is back for a trailer unveiling its new cycle.

First of all, the first 3 chapters of the story mode will be redesigned (especially chapter 1, which has been extended and split into 2 chapters).
As a reminder, more than twenty chapters are planned and should add up to several tens of hours of story that have been painstakingly prepared over the years.
New places, improved real world graphics, new interactions, new characters... There is plenty to do.

But most importantly, this cycle introduces one of the most important features of the free mode 'interface' gameplay, namely the 'translation' (energyze in factories).
Season 4 of Code Lyoko introduced the ability for the genius of the gang to send Lyoko's heroes into the real world, more specifically, Xana's bases, in order to destroy its factories.
If the previous cycles of the game have successively introduced the virtual submarine (Skid) allowing to dive into the network, then the Replikas, it will now be a matter of docking to the towers and energyzing Lyokowarriors.
Will you send two warriors at the same time, like in the series? Or more?
That's up to you.

But be aware that on the Replikas, Xana will act accordingly, and not keeping the Skid under surveillance would be a big mistake.
Once in the factory, a new troop movement mode and new features will appear, and interactions with the different equipment in the base will be available. Moreover, the combat system will be slightly different, a variant of the classic system of hit points and actions.

For the moment, only one factory plan is available. But the system is evolving to provide more plans in the future.
In the same way, if only the mountain type Replikas are still available for the moment, expect to see at least one new type appearing in the year.

Of course, we can't count the improvements of all kinds, the little details, the fixes, the bonus features and a whole lot of things too long to list that have been done in the last 8 months, so we refer you to the changelog for more details.

Thanks for reading!

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