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We've host the demo version of the game on ModDB. Just in case that anybody want to try the demo before buying the game.

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Hi there, we've just upload the game's demo file on ModDB. Just in case that anybody want to try it before deciding whether you're going to buy the game or not.

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Here's the link:


This is actually a pretty good game. As someone else said above its more like an arcade flyer than a true jet sim, with basic flight controls, a basic targeting system and simple weapon controls (via the mouse, i.e. fire guns LMB/ Fire Rockets RMB /flares mouse wheel). Seems like you get unlimited ammo. The graphics are nice; nothing special, but the environments looks real enough, with different scenarios at different times of the day in different theatres. The jet physics are good and game play is decent, though personally I'd rather play Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. or fly a jet in ArmA II as I have six degrees of freedom in both games and can play from the cockpit instead of playing from a chase viewpoint. It would be nice to be able to change the camera views. I much prefer playing these games from the cockpit. Still what little time I've played so far I've thoroughly enjoyed

It reminds me of a budget version of Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters. I did find the heavily accented (Arabic/Far East I think) background radio chatter a little distracting, but generally it added an extra dimension to the game and was acceptable. Personally I'd have been a little disappointed if I'd paid full price, but with 60% off, it cost less than £3 which I though was a bargain. I definitely don't regret purchasing it at that price. (It'd better not turn up in one of the regular Indie Bundles as I still purchase all of them despite having 80% of the games already lol).

Check out the following You tube videos (not mine):

For me HyperSonic 4 is going to be more of a time filler much like the recently released Dogfight 1942 in between deciding what other games I'm going to play. :)

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