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Hey, Happy New Year.

I do hope your game HyperSonic sold well. It deserved to. I throghly enjoyed playing it.




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Hi, The more I play HyperSonic, the more I like it. I have a lot of flight based games, some of which are better, but then they cost £30, more than 10 times the cost of yours. I'm amazed its being sold so cheaply. (then again, flight genres aren't as popular as they used to be. Most casual gamers prefer HOG's TM's and Match 3's. Nothing wrong with those, but I much prefer something with a little more interest.

Its easy to play and you get straight into the action.

Have you any plans for a similar title? Maybe set in different locations. you could use a helicopter instead of a jet fighter. Maybe try a Warthog (A-10).

What I'd like to see is some add-ons (dlc's with extra missions and even a level editor so that users could create their own scenarios. These could be shared with the community via your website and would in my opinion make the game much more saleable, especially if the level editor was easy to use.

Take care and good luck.

Whiterabbit aka Stephen


Oh yeah, have you though about including your game in one of the big indie Bundles? Desura do one as does the Humble Bundle, Indie Royale and Groupees. Maybe wait until you've sold more here on Desura. Those bundles, especially the Humble Bundle and Indie Royale bundles sell thousands. :)


I have alpha beta tested for several game houses including 2D Boy (World of Goo) and Dejobaan Games (AaaAAaa: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity) as well as some of the big boys (Ubisoft/EA Games etc). If you ever need help with testing future projects I'm available free of charge. :) I always write up a proper report with images and if necessary video of in-game problems/bugs etc.

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