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Patch note 0.89 for Hull breacH: Gameplay / Graphic / Audio / Fix.

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Patch note v0.89: patch note on steam


- Glove Upgrades. "Fire Fighter" gives you chances to not use water when extinguishing a fire, "Purifier" allows you to remove acrycine faster and "Quicken" will speed up every interaction.

TEX Sprite Upgrader Gant

- Glove upgrader: new machine in R06 - Reparation Room. Right click on it to activate your upgrades.

screen Upgrader Gant

- New Rooms: Pressure Control and Temperature Control. Still work in progress though.

- New gameplay feature: press T when looking at some object to have a voice telling you about that object.


- Slight graphical rework on Floor T0.

- Panel Room Stats changed: Time display font now bigger.


- Changed the tone of doors info for a darker tone.


- New sounds: "Soft Alarm for broken objects","Repair" and "Fail Interaction".


- Save/Load system !

- Small optimization of doors coroutines.

- Debug: inventory should not appear anymore during Acrycine Removal or during Display of Room Stats.

- Fixed mesh light bake problem (on doors and other little objects). It was a Unity option badly set.

- Tooltips in the graphics options menu.

Menu tips

- Little debug of highlight in graphic options menu.

It's supposed to be the final week before alpha release. Hope we see you there !

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