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DRIFT INTO ETERNITY is an immersive First Person Survival Game. Trapped in a wrecked ship, you have to struggle to stay alive: salvage what you need to repair the damaged systems, close the many breaches slowly riping the hull open, and try to withstand your thirst and hunger while keeping your spirits up.

Staying alive will be hard and this game won't go easy on you, you better bring all you got!

Fire in the hole Acrycine !


You and the rest of the crew were involved in a scientific expedition heading to Viridia, a planet far away from your system. You were supposed to collect some samples and come back, but your ship —The Wanderer IV— crashed in a rift during the landing procedure. Taking off or calling for help are not an option due to the heavy damages sustained. You have to settle there, and survive long enough in the hope that someone will come rescue you.

Corridor Communication Room


  • Over 50 different rooms are already in the ship.
  • Half of the rooms are randomly generated. Every game a new ship!
  • Fix breaches and your environment, extinguish fires and search the ship for food and water.
  • Make sure to fix as many problems as you can during the day, since it will worsen every night.
  • Make the best out of the 63 items that are already in the game.
  • Try to not die from a bad wound, a devouring disease or from an alien infection.



WE ARE BOTS is a new studio that will try to bring you interesting and new video game experiences. You'd like to learn more about us? Come visit us at our website! The current build of our game is available, so give it a try!

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Drift Into Eternity

Futuristic Survival Game

Survival Games are quite popular these days! Easy to understand why: Avoiding death is part of our natural instincts, and what better way to tickle them than from the comfort of our home! Such games have not yet invaded the market and it's a good niche for Indie Games. Drift Into Eternity brings you along these uncharted grounds as a Survival Game without enemies of any kind... and you'll soon understand why, as the environment itself is already hard enough to deal with!

Game description:

Set to release on December 1st 2016, Drift Into Eternity (D.I.E) is an immersive First Person Survival Game. Trapped in a wrecked ship, you struggle to stay alive. Repair the damaged systems, close the many hull breaches, and try to withstand your thirst and hunger- while keeping up your morale. Along the way, these struggles will help you figure out what happened and if there's a chance of survival, otherwise, it will just be a matter of when you'll die. Observe, study, explore... and maybe you'll linger on!

Download link:

Steam: Store.steampowered.com

Press-kit: Wearebots.fr

Scientific Research System

Scientific Research System


Patch note 0.97: New gameplay feature! It is now possible to carry out scientific researches to try and improve your survival experience throughout your...

Leaderboard system

Leaderboard system


Patch note 0.96 for Drift Into Eternity (D.I.E). Leaderboard system is on the menu this week! For a complete version of the patch notes please visit us...

Drift Into Eternity Update 0.95

Drift Into Eternity Update 0.95

News 4 comments

Patch note 0.95 for Drift Into Eternity (D.I.E): Additions / Change / Bug Fixes. It is a non-exhaustive summary! All the details are available on Steam .

Help "Drift Into Eternity" become #Indieoftheweek

Help "Drift Into Eternity" become #Indieoftheweek


#Indieoftheweek contest is running on! Help us reach the top, the sky is the limit! "Your legacy will drift away, blown into eternity, like the sands...

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Demo 7 comments

D.I.E is an immersive First Person Survival Game. Trapped in a wrecked ship, you have to struggle to stay alive: salvage what you need to repair the damaged...

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karen_mana - - 8 comments

This is awesome. So many forget that isolation and loneliness is a great driver. No need for zombies or monsters. Great concept!

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BrattWithTatts - - 1 comments

Just wanted to show appreciation for your video into the making of the game. Truly fascinating. Excited for full launch and hope it all goes well for everyone involved in the project.

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Zoltoks - - 43 comments

Your game is looking good! I hope I can make my game Zukara seem immersive like yours.

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Maineiacs - - 5 comments

This is a pretty cool and interesting game. The graphics (especially for an alpha) are great, and the sound design is eerie and cool. One of the coolest things about this game are it's mechanics and how you need to not only keep yourself alive but the ship around you. I got vibes of Subnautica while playing and when it comes to the depth of keeping your character alive. AS for the alpha there isn't really a whole lot to do and I was confused where to find my objectives while playing but this is only an alpha and I can't wait to see what comes next. I did a quick video on my experience with the alpha if anyone is interested.

STOP BEING ON FIRE! | Hull Breach Alpha Demo

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spawnof2000 - - 61 comments

Is a co-op mode possible/planned for this game?

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WABstudio Creator
WABstudio - - 19 comments

Hi. Sorry for the long answer !

Here are (roughly) the reasons that will explain why we can't have multiplayer right now in the game :

We are a very small studio of volunteers, therefore we don't have too much manpower. Multiplayer is a very complicated feature if you want to do it right. There is many example in the gaming industry of games that did not handle that perfectly and realeased something that is crippled by many problem (Desync, lag...). I'm sure a lot of you have experienced that with many games in early access.

Those problems usually destroy the player experience outright. So, we'd rather make sure to deliver a good game instead of venturing in such instable land that multiplayer is for a small teams.

Multiplayer imply server side check, which mean own a server (kinda expensive, especially considering that we don't even pay ourselves). If we let player handle every operation, it opens a very easy path for cheaters, which would destroy any leaderbord attemps. I agree that is a minor issue though, since you would mainly play for the experience, not the achievment.

Save-load system. With a well coordinated team of 4 player, you could easily reach day 30 which equals to 6 hours, give or take. I hardly believe that most wouldn't want to take a break and play later, or the next day.

I've had a long discussion with WaB_Hashgrid about this, and save-load system in multiplayer is a nightmare. You need a team of expert to help you set that (we potentially loop back to the server problem too) and it's a tall task.

Last but not least : player experience. This game was tought and designed in order to display a specific experience (being alone, lost, depressed, seing everything degrading around you). If there's human compagny around you, talking and moving, that feeling fades away.

Now then, is that a definitive no? Absolutly not.

But let's check reality and see when such thing (multiplayer) is likely to happen :

- In my opinion, Hull_BreacH requires 7 to 8 month of developement to include every feature i've thought of
- Developping multiplayer would require 6-8 extra month and a way to host dedicated servers

So, this is not a "no", this is a "in a long time". Obviously, we are not factoring in any growth of the studio.

Best regards!

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spawnof2000 - - 61 comments

good descriptive answer, thanks.

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-Farflame- - - 49 comments

Interesting project. Is this game kind of roguelike with randomized events? Do you plan story mode like in normal adventure?

Anyway, good luck with the game. :)

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WABstudio Creator
WABstudio - - 19 comments

Hi Farflame,

Thanks for your interest !
This game is about survival and loneliness. This is not a roguelike, more like an horror game (like Amnesia, but without any ennemy. The environment is your only ennemy).
There will be a story, but no "Story mode". There is only one play-mode and that's survival mode. But while you try desperatly to survive, you can learn more about the story via voice acting and/or texts everywhere in the ship (work in progress).
Thanks for your interest in Hull_BreacH, don't hesitate to ask us all you want to know.

best regards.

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Guest - - 699,599 comments

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