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Patch note 0.82 for Hull Breach: Gameplay / Graphic / Audio / Fix

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Patch note v0.82:

( patch note on steam greenlight )


- MedPod now takes time to use (15 minutes like for the body scanner).

- BrokenLights are now NOT broken by default.

- New daily tips, former ones have been updated.

- Plants can now be dehydrated if there is no water in water tanks. (at least one Unit of Water for each Air Recycler/Big Air Recycler). Dehydrated plants do not produce oxygen.

- If plants are hydrated, they have 10% chances to produce 1 Root.

- You may recycle Rotten food by placing them in Air Recycler/Big Air Recycler.

- For each rotten food you'll have a slight chance to produce 1 Root the next morning.

- Temporary bonuses & maluses should now work as intended.

- Confinement Unit: over the night, infected food placed in it will have a slight chance to be cleaned up. Although, it may also deteriorate the food.

- Juice Extractor: over the night, will transform any food placed in it into Units of Water and Bio-resin. May also just destroy the food (nothing produced).


- New animation for the desk R29 (work in progress).

- New random screens for the room R05 - Cabin.

- All graphic options are now automatically saved and loaded when you restart the game.


- Ambient sounds for rooms R03/R05/R09/R14/R28/R29 (work in progress).


- Debug crosshair lock status on main menu (cursor should not leave the screen anymore).

- Debug Ambient Intensity (should now work as intended).

- New log system (font size is now the same for all texts & timestamps, and no longer hidden by the scrollbar or when the inventory is opened).

- Forced Item Spawn: there is now at least 1 Auto Medbot in the ship.

- Rotten food should now work as intended (decay properly).

- Added some missing Big Fires in R56 and R59.

- Stats are now correctly displayed when the inventory is opened (correctly updated every second).

- In the "Gameplay" options, "Camera Look Speed" is now renamed "Sensitivity".

See you soon for Update 0.83 !

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