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New Update for Hull Breach, a scifi survival game! Just read the details of the updates.

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We have been working the last week to improve your player experience. Send us your feedback to help us solve the major problems that we may encounter.

Patch note v 0.77:


  • R29 now Fully Operational (broken FX, emissives, containers etc...)
  • Modified items descriptions for Standard Water Ration, Double Water Ration, Toothbrush, Deodorant, SVS, Teddy Bear, Yo-yo and Stress Ball
  • Button "Take All" (F) => Not in the Inputs yet, so you can't change the key for now.
  • When a room is on fire, temperature will automatically raise by 1°C every 10 seconds.
  • Can take more object than max weight (no malus yet, but this will slow you down among other things in the next update)
  • Death Panel now displays Game Stats (Fire/Breaches/Broken objects)
  • All object weight have been doubled to match the player weight carry stat in a more realistic way.
  • Log will warn you everytime a stat goes below 75/50/25%
  • Inventory scroll faster (3 -> 5)
  • Loosing health (3/second with a health pool of 1000) when Hunger/Thirst/Moral/Oxygen < 25%
  • Loosing health (6/second with a health pool of 1000) when Hunger/Thirst/Moral/Oxygen = 0%
  • Loosing health (3/second with a health pool of 1000) when Acrycine > 75%
  • Loosing health (6/second with a health pool of 1000) when Acrycine = 100%
  • When health = 0, you lose your life (and the game).
  • You have now a chance to take Wounds when staying in room with Acrycine and Fire.
  • Adding a teleporter

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  • Options Window reworked (work still in progress).
  • Emissive Communication Table in R54.
  • Emissive for Microscope et Juice Extractor in R14 and R28.
  • Adding smoke to rooms in fire. Was missing on 11 rooms.
  • Changed text of Texture Quality option (Normal size texture = High, Half-size = Medium, Quarter size = Low)
  • The RoomStats Window on the right arm has become invisible since it is not integrated yet.
  • Typo color slightly changed to make it easier to read.
  • Death Panel displays Player Stats (Hunger/Thirst/Moral/Oxygen) with icons.
  • Emissive correction on Microscope, Juice Extractor, Table Com, Air Recycler and Big Air Recycler.
  • Adding Decals material.
  • Setting lights R30.

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  • Removed 'open inventory' sound. Will change it later.
  • Removed all sounds from Menu (re-thinking and replacement in progress)


  • Options Menu stops bugging after death.
  • Debugged Occlusion T0.
  • Debugged Disease and Wounds evolution (when a disease evolved, it erased the values of the previous stage, so it couldn't be healed. Now it can.)
  • To - R43 collider door fixed.
  • Changed occlusion colliders for R32 and R33.
  • Optimized interactable emissive/colliders system.
  • FPS counter hidden by default.
  • White bar under day number (when changing day) now disappears correctly.
  • Debugged Food loss over time. Now there won't be floating point approximations.
  • Room Water FX (water drops) are now desynchronized for a more realistic effect.
  • White flash after splash screen is now black (so it doesn't hurt your eyes).
  • Fixed all rooms FX for acrycine and fire (they should be able to display both of them correctly)
  • Display time for daily tips changed from 4 to 5 seconds (for an easier read)
  • Little collider correction at T-1.
  • Log now disappear when you are in the options menu.
  • Fixed a Graphic issue on Little Doors.
  • Debug inventory: selector was sometimes wrong and selected the object above.
  • Inventory Window now won't disappear when no object in container.
  • Little window at the center of inventory does disappear when no object selected.
  • Trim inventory changed and optimized (Food/Water/Moral/Material)
  • Fixed plane flicker T-1.

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Thank you everyone for your unwavering support . We have now reached the 20th position on Steam Greenlight ... and that's because of you! We all thank you so much.

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Of course you can still help by voting on Greenlight:


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Or Support us on IndieDB :

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Wish you the best !

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