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We just launched our IndieDB page now! ^^ Track our game progress ^^ it would help me a lot,also there's currently only developer right now so updates are not so fast ^^ but im trying my best to keep this game awesome and fun of experience ^^

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Dont forget to liek us on facebook ^^ to see our latest little news and ideas that we gonna post ya up! Also we would need YOUR help to make this game amazing by sharing ideas!Don't forget to like us on FB for small ideas and fast lastest news!

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Some images

Red Light Path: www.facebook.com/pages/Red-Light-Path-Official/143633679170075

Were trying to make best survival simulator/fps game that you havent experience yet!We currently have alot thing added in our game like-Hunger bar-Thirst bar-Blood bar-Sprinting meter-Sprinting-Arm model-good visuals-Optimization-A lot bug fixes-Guns(for now not a lot cuz we gonna add them when we finish our character ^^ its pretty easy to add)-Reloading-Aiming-Customization(WIP)-Character selection-Main menu-Realistic Day and Night cycle-jumping-Crouching-Basic AI-Realistic sniper scope-Snipers-Pistols-Machine guns-And i don't remember the rest of the features :D

What we want to add(right now)-Vehicles-Resting bar-Seasons (like winter,autumn,summer)-Good Zombie AI-Inventory system with pick up item,eating item,armor,gun switching-Building system-Multiplayer !-Single player storyline-Editor-Crafting system-Weapon customization-Friendly AI-Random Events-Dynamic surviving experience-Enter able houses

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