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Hi, here is a post about the artstyle we will have in our game! This week we wanted to share what we have in mind for the art that will be featured on our game, since last week was programming and mechanics. So we separeted a few moodboards made by our artist to give the idea of how we want our final game art to look like.

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Here are a few of the moodboards!

Gravity Game Art Style Moodboard

Up here is a basic moodboard showcasing the art style we are aiming for. Note the color palette inspired by stealth games such as the Metal Gear series, as well as level visuals inspired by games such as "Stealth Bastard" and for the art style itself, we used "Valiant Hearts: The Great War" to show what we want to do.

Gravity Game Level Moodboard

This one is meant show better show the style we want for our levels.

Gravity Game Logo Moodboard

This one is to show the ideas we originaly had for our logo, as seen here, we had many ideas of art styles to use for the logo and of course had to trim down to come up with the one we are using.


This one is the logo we came up with, and the one we are curently using. We like it and may use as the final one, but if we come up with something we thing is better, we might change it.

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