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Hello! Here is an update on how our project is going! We already have functioning main mechanics! Hi! We have been working very hard to overcome challenges over the last few weeks and the work has paid off! We already have the main mechanics functioning, all left to do with them is a bit of fine tunning and then we go on to work on the enemy I and scenery interaction

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Here are a few gifs demonstrating how our mechanis are working as of right now, in the future we will be working more on player interaction with game objects (such as keycards, doors and etc...) and enemy AI. Keep in mind that the art we are using right now is only a placeholder, the final game art will be very different, and we will also show progress on the art over the next weeks. Here are the clips we want to show:

Gravity mechanic:

gravity mechanic

This first gif is showing the main mechanic of the game, and the most different one, the gravity mechanic. The player has the power of changing gravity, as seen here the player can throw his knife on any surfface and that will chance the player's gravity, the ball is used to show how the gravity change will affect only the player, as enemies and other game objects follow their own gravity, completly independent from the player.

Platform mechanic:

platform mechanic

This second gif shows our platform mechanic and how it works. The box seen here works as a platform, and the player can be on top of it and go down as much as they want. As also seen here, when the gravity is changed the platform still works as intended.

Crouch mechanic:

crouch smaller hitbox mechanic

As seen in this third gif, the player also has the ability to crouch. By doing so, they can pass on tight spaces such as ventilation, they can also pass through trapdoor as seen above. The crouch can be used for one more thing that will be shown on the next gif.

Crouch for hiding mechanic:

crouch hiding mechanic

In this fourth gif, we show how the crouch can be used for hiding from enemies. As it is a stealth game, the mechanics are ment to be used for helping the player hide from enemies, so it is absolutely necessary that the player can hide behind objects. Here we see the same box from before, but insted of jumping on it, we see the player using the crouch to hide behind it, and if the stop pressing the grouch button once already hidden they will remain hidden, once they walk out of the of the object they chose to hide behind, they will of course be no longer hidden.

WooGee - - 9 comments

id love to see something weird like it being able to shoot diagonally onto some sloped angles

maybe have the player's mouse input/placement be aiming the gun

also also, this looks like a possible speed-run game, and hey, movement with momentum is never a bad thing to add to a game

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Z2_Game_Studios Author
Z2_Game_Studios - - 7 comments

Hey! Thank you for your feedback! Even though it is not shown in this post, it is already possible to shoot onto any surface, independent of its angle. Also, the shooting direction is determined by the mouse's position at the time of shooting (by pressing left mouse button). Regarding momentum, we're exploring various solutions and playing with different parameters like air drag and other forces when changing gravity direction to see what feels best and fits best with the intended gameplay. Regarding speed-running, "Weightless" is going to be heavily focused on stealth and moving around the level while keeping a low profile. However we do encourage players to find ways to use the available mechanics to complete levels in innovative manners which could potentially be used for speed-running.

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