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Salutations my friends. Let's explore the place we based our level design on.

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Hello everyone!

This week our game designer went on a little field trip to Oporto to give our artist some custom taken pictures to use as references for the final art of the game.

With these we thought we could give you, the audience, a closer look into the thought process that went into our level design.

Let's get to it.

Level Design inspiration

As we have mentioned before, the level is based on a part of Oporto named Cais da Ribeira.

The level is seperated into 3 seperate phases: the peer, the urban area, and the cafés area.

All of these have their own visual quirks in game to destinguish them, and all of them are based on real life as well. The main way to distinguish them is through the game's foreground.

Screenshot 2021 06 24 182147 IMG 20210622 165046

Screenshot 2021 06 24 181644 IMG 20210622 165133

Screenshot 2021 06 24 181834 IMG 20210622 170511

As you can see the phases of the level mach up pretty well to real life.

We can't however be 100% accurate for the sake of the player. In Oporto all of the buildings are stuck together but in the game we had to seperate them in groups for the sake of the player's visual comfort.

In terms of what shops and objects are in what place or area, we had to take some liberties as well.

We still think this city and it's people deserve to be homaged, but not at the detriment of the player.


Today was a short one but we really wanted to talk about this aspect of the game.
We had to change some things for the sake of in-game clarity but wanted to show that we never deviated from the most important aspects of Cais da Ribeira.

We still think this city and it's people deserve to be homaged, but not at the detriment of the player.

Hope you enjoyed this week's update on Helena.

Stay safe out there!

e assim

With Kindness, Rio Studios®

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