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A free playable demo of "Havoc Runner" is available on the Steam page

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A free playable demo of "Havoc Runner" with 4 levels is available on the Steam page!

Go to the Steam store page and download a copy now:

HavocRunnerDEMO 2020 06 21 14 59

HavocRunnerDEMO 2020 06 21 14 57 1

HavocRunnerDEMO 2020 06 21 14 57

HavocRunnerDEMO 2020 06 22 12 42

StarGW - - 2 comments

Hello! I got around to playing the demo. I'd like to give a bit of critique:

- When in the Configuration, the Graphics Quality options include "Excelent," which I think is a typing error for "Excellent." The Controls are also not mentioned in English, so I had a bit of difficulty telling which input does which.

- In-game, what does Smooth Aim and Center Aim do? I feel like they could be explained in-game in the Options menu.

- The Help manual is very useful, though I noticed some minor grammar errors. And a lot of weapons in-game have some names that are odd or with weird spelling errors (maybe "Throw Flames" should be "Flamethrower" and "Tatical Cannon" be "Tactical Cannon"?) I could help give a full list of them when I have time to give a more detailed explanation :)

- I notice a frequent red flash when levels are loading and when you get hit. Is this intentional? I feel it's a bit distracting.

- Several sound effects are much louder than others, such as when a new enemy is locked-on, and when your objective marker changes. I had to turn the FX Volume down to 50% to keep it from overpowering the music volume.

- The game's physics play weirdly at higher framerates. At 60 FPS, everything works well, but at 144, there's some minor collision going on. When running into walls, the player's mech shakes a lot. In addition, the mech sort of "bounces" while going down elevators, which makes it impossible to use Cover (defaulted to Q). Perhaps these could be looked into? Or maybe there could be a hard framerate cap of 60?

- The gameplay is really fun. I enjoy how a lot of weapons and movement work. However, I find the jump physics very floaty and difficult to control. Is it possible to add in an option that immediately moves the mech straight down to the ground for a quick, accurate landing? And is it possible to hold two weapons and switch between them as needed (so I am not stuck with the Shotgun or Tactical Cannon all the time)

- I like the weapons, but I think Grenade Launcher and Laser Gun might need some improvements. The Grenade Launcher can't be fired high enough to hit a lot of airborne enemies and it feels difficult to aim in general. I also don't know what makes the Laser Gun good, as it feels weaker than the Machine Gun without any advantage over other weapons

Besides these critiques, this game is a ton of fun to play! I really enjoyed the demo and the mech's movement and options to avoid damage. :D I think this could be a really great game when it releases. I hope you don't mind the critique and I hope it may help. And I can try to help with this game, if there's something more I can help with. :)

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TiãoFerreira - - 4 comments

Time is running for battle! Move out!

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