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Guns arrive in Flashing Lights and an armed robbery callout has been added.

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Hello all,

I am excited to announce that Flashing Lights' Guns Update is now live on the Public Patch Test Branch! This bring shotguns and handguns to Flashing Lights, as well as a brand new armed robbery callout for the police department. Also introduced is basic interiors for gas stations and diner cafes.

To access the new Public Patch Test Branch, and play the new update, please do the following:

- Load up Steam and head to your library
- Right click on Flashing Lights and then select "Properties"
- Head to the Beta tab and in the drop down select "public_patch_test" (no password needed)
- This will then download the new update for you

We're looking for feedback before the update goes to live everybody, so we'd appreciate you all sharing your thoughts on the update!


- Shotguns and handguns have been added for the police department
- Armed robbery callout for police added (ID 1014)
- Possible armed suspects added to some existing callouts
- Basic interior for gas stations and diner cafes introduced
- Weapon wheel menu, button Q by default (Can still use regular number keys 1; 3; 4; 5)
- Shotgun accessible from police vehicle trunk
- Ability to call EMS for NPCs who have died added
- Can now press the Z button to switch shoulders while on foot
- NPCs now receive damage when being hit by a car
- Player character and NPCs take damage depending on body part hit
- Player and NPC health bars
- Player healing spots at Hospital, Police and Fire departments, gas station around the map
- Player character now ragdolls and respawns after health reaches zero
- Negative reputation points for shooting or running over unarmed NPCs


- Minor SUVs physics centre of mass adjustments
- Fire SUV no longer spawns with lights on
- Minor front flashing lights adjustments for SUVs
- Alcohol check BAC value capped to 0.2
- Reload sound played twice
- Potential fix introduced for vehicle doors stuck closed (please report if you still encounter the issue)
- Temporarily removed weapon selection menu at PD until more variety of weapons are added
- NPC bone structure reset after respawn
- Disabled reload while typing "r" in chat
- Interaction menus now cancel if NPC or player goes in ragdoll mode
- Ambulance truck stretcher spawn positions altered
- Traffic stop on foot process is now faster
- Adjustments for parked cars in some locations

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The Flashing Lights Team

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