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We did it.Our game is now on greenlight, hope you like it. "GO OUT AND VOTE". A new funny game on Steam waiting for the green lights, WE NEED YOU HELP.

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What Is

Snow Fight is a tactical shooter/sandbox game where the player has all the real life mechanic of a snowball fight.

The game is set in a wild zone in the far North of Alaska, where two tribes of young Eskimos fight to rule their lands.
During these battles, reflexes, strategy and concentration are required in order to prevail over the enemy's team. In the game, you can dig trenches to cover yourself from the snow storm, build outposts with your team, interact with the vegetation and fight enemies with a realistic and smooth combat system.



- Advanced matchmaking system
- Intuitive FPS controls
- Procedural terrain and vegetation
- Dynamic weather / Day and Night cycle
- Accurate Hitbox
- Destructible terrain
- Ragdoll characters
- 3 unique character classes
- Optimized performance



Deathmatch (READY):
Players: 8 vs 8
Play time: 12 min
Warmup: 0:40 min pvp off
Building Time: 1:20 min pvp off
Fighting Time: 10 min pvp on

Objective: Get the most number of kills as a team
Game Flow:
-Each player, spawns at a random position in their half of the map when they game begins or when they die. In the first 1:20 min players have to create camps and can’t cross to the enemy’s side of the map. After the building time, the pvp is on, the player can move anywhere on the terrain and must kill enemies.

Save the penguin (READY):
Players: 4 vs 4 – 8 vs 8
Play time: 15:00 min unless the penguin idol is destroyed, pvp on
Warmup: 0:40 min pvp off
Fight time: 14:20 min pvp on
Objective: Kill the enemy penguin idol and protect yours
Game Flow:
- Each player, spawns at a random position in their half of the map when the game begins or when they die.After the warmup time, the pvp is on and the player can move anywhere on the terrain. The player has to destroy the enemy’s penguin idol to win the game. The penguin can be attacked only when the player is a certain radius from it.

King of the snow (W.I.P):
Max Players: 100 Free-for-all
Play time: ENDLESS
Warmup 1:30 min pvp off
Build Time 4:00 min pvp off
Fight Time: ENDLESS, Pvp on, until the end of the game

Objective: You have to be the last man standing in the game
Game Flow:
-Each player spawn on a random position of a procedurally generated map. In the first 4 min you have to gather resources, and craft anything you think will be useful to survive.
After 4 min the pvp is on and a strong snow storm will start merging to the centre.
Survive and be the last man standing.



To complete this huge project with only a small indie team in less than a year we need your support.
We are all working for free because we truly believe in this project, and in this community.

So please, if you like this project, share it with your friends, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we are sure we will give you a fun and enjoyable experience as soon as possible.

P.S. : We are looking for another UI / GUI artist.


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