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Today we're doing part 2 of shared Baltic faction units. We will look at the Raider, Warrior, Pukis and Worshipper.

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This is part 2 (of 3) of the shared units of the Baltic factions. This week we look at some strong mid game units, and to balance it out, some worshippers as well.

Both the Warrior and Raider are trained in the Warrior Hall, a later stage structure that allows for more powerful and expensive humanoids.

The Warrior

2 warriors

Wielding double axes and well armored, Warriors are strong and sturdy melee units. Having trained from a young age they excel in combat. In the historical setting which inspired our game, almost only the nobles were able to afford this quality armor, which was often bought from Slavic or German traders.


Upgrade: Glistening armor. As their battle experience grows, their reputation allows them to acquire better armor, switching out leather for metal. Grants Warriors a great amount of armor increase.

Upgrade: Relentless. As a Warrior gets older, rumors spread that his ability to survive battles is a blessing from the gods, or perhaps he is just too stubborn to die. When a Warrior falls below 50 health he calls out for Junda's blessing to keep on fighting for a few seconds longer, making him invulnerable for a short amount of time.

The Raider

1 raiders

Fast cavalry that excels at harassment tactics and can plunder the structures of the enemy if they are not careful.

Upgrade: Torches. What better way than to instill panic in your enemy than by fire? Torches are used to burn down enemy buildings, and when the building has been destroyed it will drop loot.

Upgrade: Gilded Horse. Ancient Baltic people valued their horses highly, often decorating them more lavishly than themselves. Intricate bronze decorations and little bells were common. With such utmost care for their horse, great attention is paid to the health and breed as well. Grants the Raider more health and speed.

The Pukis [pronounced: pooh-kis]

3 pukys

Close range area of effect fire breathing unit. A floating fiery dragon-like creature, it has an insatiable need for wealth as it consumes gold, making its power and size grow. Pukis are spirits that can be kept in the house for luck and wealth, as they will gather gold and other valuables for you. But watch out with upsetting the Pukis, it's a spiteful creature that will burn your house down if displeased.

The Pukis will loot fallen enemies after combat, becoming fuller with gold each time. The fuller it is with gold, the stronger the area of effect flame around it will become. The Pukis can be instructed to regurgitate the gold for you.

Upgrades: to be determined.


4 worshippers

The humble worshipper, the most important unit of all, but also the weakest one. As a divine hero you must defend your worshippers as they are the cornerstone of your economy, and losing them can be the difference between victory or defeat. Protect them, and they will worship you, making you more powerful through their faith.

Upgrade: Wreaths. Worshippers create wreaths at the summer solstice to protect themselves from harm and honor the passage of seasons. These wreaths will be burned again at the start of a new cycle to get rid of evil. Allows worshippers to generate +1 faith at the shrine. Additionally, the worshippers gain magic resistance.

If you would like to find out more and have a chance to join the next playtest, join our Discord: Discord.gg

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