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Our own brilliant Concept Artist Gavin Li shows off some of his environmental concept pieces for the harsh alien world of Pharus 7.

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Hey guys!

My art director told me to stop playing with my crayons and let you guys know what's going on. I'm the concept artist at Flix Interactive hence the crayons (to stab people with) so my job traditionally starts early on in the game's life cycle with broad concepts that help refine the scope of what the leads have in mind. Then throughout production of the game we may discover features that deserve exploration and a place in the final product.


When any of the team suggest ideas that are approved, it's part of my responsibility to help flesh out those ideas by narrowing down the possible visual paths we can take it down, helping to iron out as many problems as I can with it from an artistic point of view.


Having 'thumbnails' like these help to make it more efficient for the team to gauge and decide on a visual direction so we can look at building a unified look to the game with the help of Matt keeping a lid on my crayons when I go a bit too mad with them.


Because we're building an alien world where we want the players to feel awesome, we're not aiming for anything annoyingly foreign. For example, spaces that'll make them experience constant claustrophobia or architecture or formations that are uncomfortable to look at will just throw the attention of the player's experience the wrong way - not so awesome unless a part of the game intends that.


The concept art can help get people’s imaginations going so the final environments might not look exactly like the initial concepts.
So there it is! Thanks for watching us guys! Enjoy the upcoming content and perhaps we'll see some of you at Eurogamer :)
p.s. I heard your prayers Ghost59! So a speed paint will be in the works as soon as things calm down a bit more ;) If it doesn't calm down though we'll be able to release exciting updates about the game so PEACEOUTDOORSLAM! *door is awkwardly opening again*

Gavin L.

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God that art is gorgeous

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ghost59 - - 1,060 comments

you guy need to do speed art.

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