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Demon Knights of Ankhoron has just posted a new update on gameplay and some news on Kickstarter.

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Demon Knights of Ankhoron has just posted a new update on gameplay with the video below and also has hit a new milestone of 42% of the USD $50k goal achieved with almost 1 month remaining on the Kickstarter. They are well on their way to complete their Kickstarter early.

Also below are some details on the combat system, a Poll about system preferences, and a short list of recent news and opinions on Demon Knights!

Gameplay Demo

Dev Log- Combat News

Additional combat system news regarding how to implement a good PVP Fighting Game system(originally posted on Demon Knights Discord)-

Fighting Game Combat

Poll - Demon Knights has also posted a poll on the preferred system of the community with a early lead for Xbox now falling behind PC/Steam and Playstation! Please go and place your vote if you have a preference.

Independent News articles on Demon Knights:

ThePlaystationBrahs- Anew article written on Demon Knights from an independent website who say: "The NPCs and environment look great..." and "there will be plenty to explore in the game"! - theplaystationbrahs.com Check them out!

French news site 1- Rpgjeuxvideo.com
French news site 2- Yeeeah.fr
Italian News site - Gamesark.it
Russian news site- Gameinonline.com

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