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Demon Knights is a revolutionary dark Action Role-Playing Game with deep traditional 2D Fighting-Game mechanics within a beautiful dark gothic world of Ankhoron.Master ancient powers and loot enchanted items to up grade your hero, play with friends and defeat demonic monsters who stand in your way.

Choose from 5 customizable classes to be your hero – Heavy Knight, Deadly Hunter, Arcane Blademaster, Elemental Barbarian, or Dark Druid. Each can choose to swap between 5 unique weapon classes, 3 schools of magic, and a discover new loot as your explore the dark gothic world of Ankhoron. Master your new powers and abilities as you battle demons and challenges with friends or explore foolishly… by yourself.

Demon Knights is looking to combine 2 popular genres of ARPG and Fighting-Games into a unique new online experience designed to for depth and replayability. Starting in the ruined town of Ashridge, the player will venture into the unknown as they help villagers, discover allies, and hack through demonic champions in the nearby cursed Drakien Monastery. Players can expect to experience many features including: beautiful dark fantasy universe, tense dungeon crawling, fearsome demon encounters, murderous traps, craftable enchanted items, and customizeable magics.

  • Heavy Knights are the last in a long line of honorable guardians known for their enchanted armors and unrelenting ferocity on the battlefield
  • Deadly Hunter are known for their quickness and stealth as they rain death from afar with magic projectiles
  • Arcane Blademaster learned long ago that magic alone is weak, mastering the blade brings strength to the transient nature of the magic
  • Elemental Barbarian are not burdened by the weight of armor but wield the elements to protect themselves and wreck destruction on their enemies
  • Dark Druids can expect to have access powerful monstrous abilities to defeat the game in an entirely new approach to ARPG and Fighting Game PVP.

Our Combat Trailer! - Youtu.be

Core Features

  • Action RPG Story mode– Offline or Online(Single or Multiplayer co-op play)
  • Powerful skill-trees with many powerful magic/weapon customizations at your disposal
  • Random-mod Champions and champion packs with advanced AI - ambushes, blocking, flanking, formations, spells/healing, variable aggressiveness/intelligence, stun/recoil/knockback, and others
  • Looting systems inspired by the best ARPG’s- Loot is a big part of ARPGs and yet most good ARPG swappable armor and weapon looting mechanics such as: –Random drops, Crafting/customization, and set items bonuses
  • Rich vertical world- full of dungeons, secret passages, underground cults, great castles, fierce demons, and dark stories
  • Near AAA graphics and overhead perspective- similar to (eg. Dark Souls, Sekiro, For Honor, Dragonage, Darksiders)
  • New Fighting-game mechanics built with PVP in mind to keep combat interesting: autocombos, custom spell combos, grapple/throws (to fight blocking enemies), jumping (to avoid fireballs or waves of lightning enchanted charged bolts), Counter Attacks/Reflections/Absorbtion, and others
  • Difficult-but-Fair Game- Enemies, bosses, and challenges will be built to always give players a chance. Those with high skill can attempt the game without completing the loot quests to improve gear and lower skill players can still expect to complete the game with just basic attacks by collecting lots of loot to improve equipment.
  • ESports and Replayability - Player vs Player will be balanced by scaling all damage to base levels (normalizing to 100%) which means you will always fighting heroes on a balanced playing field suitable for Esports or Co-op gameplay. Our late game will also give all enemies improved AI (Artificial Intelligence) access to full range of combos, abilities, randomized enhancements, and strategies that will challenge the best players. A Fighting Game arena for PVP and in-game bounty hunters modes are planned!
  • Lore and living cities - Our cities are designed to evolve as your character grows, with the stories and capabilities of NPCs evolving as you help them and the empty houses filling in as NPCs are saved and rejoin the city. Each NPC is already created with a backstory and relationships that will be exposed as the game and story evolves.
  • Expansion Locations - Our world is built with 20+ cities and many vertical hidden dungeons, hideouts, secrets, bosses, enemies, and NPCs in each city. Eventually we plan to allow players to visit each town where the Heroes/NPCs came from to learn their story and develop their skills. We believe planning for the depth of a large evolving world helps bring the world of Ankhoron and its people to life.- Multiplayer and Networking - Our games is built from the ground up to incorporate 16+ player networking. Initially we are optimizing for 2 person co-op or 2 person PVP but we have planned to expand this into larger 5 person group and 16+ people group PVP in the future. Our Networking is already working now.
  • No Subscriptions
  • No Pay to Win

First independent article on Demon Knights of Ankhoron

"This is definitely one to keep an eye on..." - fextralife.comFextralife.com

New independent video of Demon Knights @5:18 Youtube.com

Buy a full copy of game on Kickstarter for ~$30 USD ($240 hkd) a 25% discount from our target retail price at launch!

Visit our website for more details and get Notified here Archonforge.com
Visit our Facebook, share, and like! Facebook.com
Kickstarter is Live! Bit.ly
Join our Discord! Discord.gg

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Demon Knights of Ankhoron has just posted a new update on gameplay with the video below and also has hit a new milestone of 42% of the USD $50k goal achieved with almost 1 month remaining on the Kickstarter. They are well on their way to complete their Kickstarter early.

Also below are some details on the combat system, a Poll about system preferences, and a short list of recent news and opinions on Demon Knights!

Gameplay Demo

Dev Log- Combat News

Additional combat system news regarding how to implement a good PVP Fighting Game system(originally posted on Demon Knights Discord)-

Fighting Game Combat

Poll - Demon Knights has also posted a poll on the preferred system of the community with a early lead for Xbox now falling behind PC/Steam and Playstation! Please go and place your vote if you have a preference.

Independent News articles on Demon Knights:

ThePlaystationBrahs- Anew article written on Demon Knights from an independent website who say: "The NPCs and environment look great..." and "there will be plenty to explore in the game"! - theplaystationbrahs.com Check them out!

French news site 1- Rpgjeuxvideo.com
French news site 2- Yeeeah.fr
Italian News site - Gamesark.it
Russian news site- Gameinonline.com

News on Demon Knights of Ankhoron

News on Demon Knights of Ankhoron


An action-RPG set to bring 2D fighting-game mechanics to a 3D world in Demon Knights Ankhoron has been launched as Kickstarter campagin. News article...

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