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<Find with Seoul: Story Puzzle Game> Introduction of Game.

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Find with Seoul: Story Puzzle Game

Download: Google Play / Steam


  • Puzzle + Adventure

Game Introduction

Introduction of the Game

  • Solve simple 3-match puzzles while enjoying the story of clones in Seoul in a post-cyberpunk dystopian world.

Game Content

  • A simple puzzle that anyone can enjoy
  • Emotional and peaceful storytelling
  • An endless mode to view background settings

Game Story

  • Seoul is in a post-cyberpunk dystopian world now.
  • Cleaning robot LJ8 accidentally meets a discarded clone named Charashi.
  • Charashi, who has ungraded and can't even buy a piece of bread, seems hopeless and without hope, but LJ8 doesn't think so.
  • Find out how Charashi changes after meeting LJ8.

Main Character Introduction

  • LJ8

    Introduction Characters LJ8

    • LJ8 is a cleaning robot that cleans an alley in Seoul.
    • She comes across a discarded clone named Charashi and starts a new life.
  • Charashi

    Introduction Characters Charasi

    • Charashi is a discarded clone.
    • She has no rank, which could be considered a clone's human right, but she never gets sad.
    • Since meeting LJ8, she has started to gain confidence.
  • Poki

    Introduction Characters Poki

    • Poki is a clone who is a close friend of LJ8.
    • She feels comfortable when she is with LJ8.


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