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In this article we showcase upcoming QoL changes to Mechanic Miner, to make it easier for players to get the information they need.

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Welcome back to the developer log! Last week, we made some connections...But this week, we’re talking about the new in-game guide, as well as the new and improved quest log!

In the current public build, you get to the guide on our website by clicking a button in the menu. You may have noticed the problem in that last sentence - in the currently available public build, clicking the guide button takes you out of the game. This is not great; we want you to be able to get help with whatever aspect of Mechanic Miner you want in-game. That’s where our new guide comes in:

If you watched the video above, you’ll also have seen the new bar in the UI: It consists of a map button, the guide, the new quest log and a button that opens the main menu of Mechanic Miner.

The new guide will act much as the current guide; you’ll be able to look up specific aspects of gameplay, and in most cases be able to see a clip showing you how it’s done, along with a short text explaining how it works. This should help both new and returning players, without forcing them out of the game to get that help.

We’re also adding hints in the UI which will take you to the guide. Additionally, we’ve also beefed up the guide considerably by adding articles and clips to help you work out how to use the various and sundry parts in Mechanic Miner to make your most fantastical machines come to life. Some words in some articles will be yellow, indicating that they are links to relevant articles.

The quest log in the current build can actually be expanded to show the same information as there is in the upcoming quest log, but it wasn’t necessarily super apparent to players how to get to that information. Additionally, the new quest log will also allow players to keep track of what they’ve already accomplished in the main questline in Mechanic Miner.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at some of the upcoming features in Mechanic Miner! As always, you can also read this on our Steam Discussions page. Join us again next week, where we’ll tell you about upcoming changes we’ve made to the tech unlock system.

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