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It's been a while since I have posted updates here for the game so I thought I would help you all catch up on some of the updates to Alone Without Her!

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What's going on everyone! It's been a while since I have posted updates here for the game so I thought I would help you all catch up on some of the updates to Alone Without Her!

Outfits play a huge part in any video game so I have been making sure to focus on good outfits that'll have a good impact on the world and game as a whole. Here's a few screenshots of the new future crew female uniform, there are 4 variations, each outfit variation is for a different rank. Colors and ranks are the same as displayed for the male set shared previously (see Bit.ly)

Future Night Club/Bar Scene *Update #2*

At some point in the game you will visit a night club to drown your sorrows of your lost wife, while here you hear about a man who knows of a way to help you get her back! I introduced this scene a while back when I first started showing the game publicly but at that time it was just models and reflection probes haha as development progresses I spent some time improving this scene so it would be ready for use when the time came.


- Bar layout updated
- Volumetric lighting fog
- Dancers, dancing animations, etc.
- Environmental fog
- Dance floor lights animations
- Reverb Area inside bar
- New music track added
- New ambiance people talking added
- Pulsing lights (custom pulsing script for emission)
- Night Club sign added - Added more characters (sittings and dancing)
- Added DJ and holographic music interface
- Added wall light tubes
- Increased environment fog density
- Fixed audio reverb for spacial movement

Character Movement, Camera &

Joypad Control In-Game Test

Now that the scene started to feel like a whole and come together as a futuristic night club I worked on implementing character mechanics and interactions in the scene, of course everything is still very basic and as previously mentioned, all animations will be replaced with mocap animations in the future. Very happy with how things were progressing I moved forward to highlighting objects and added a few other things to the scene, it still needs a lot of work but I have some great ideas to fill up a lot of the empty areas in the scene.

Title Screen Update

Just as any scene within the game, the title screen play a huge role, finally converting over to the new unity (5.4 not 5.5 *YET*) I upgraded a lot of lighting in most scenes as the new unity gives you a bit more power and oomph in that area. I really did love the simple green background with the light rays for the title screen but over time I felt it needed a bit more, some planets, asteroids, a sun oh and how about improving those light rays? Yea I upgraded the heck out of this scene and I am really happy with the end results, once I felt the scene was nearly complete I optimized everything to run at a solid 60fps to give any player a smooth and enjoyable experience right off the bat.


- Lighting Updated
- Asteroids Added (LOD setup)
- Planets added
- Sun rays added
- Bloom adjusted
- Optimization
- Character positions updated
- Character blink added
- Character shaders updated

There is still a lot more to do before things will be completely ready for the Episode 1 release, time and patience will bring about the best results ^_^ Until next time!

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