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Post news RSS Frozen Flame | Major Update #2: Welcome to the Dragon’s Grove

Explore the islands of the Dragon’s Grove, and learn more about the world of Arcana. New acquaintances will tell you about Frozen Flame, Orders, and previous inhabitants of these lands.

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Centennial pines still remember the reign of the great dragons, and Library archives keep chronicles about life side by side with those winged giants. Now only bones scattered across the islands remind us of their former glory.

Before the Rift this was a much different place: dragons shared their knowledge with humanity, and the Orders kept peace. In those days, the Curse was just a long-forgotten legend from folios’ pages.

Explore the islands of the Dragon’s Grove, and learn more about the world of Arcana. New acquaintances will tell you about Frozen Flame, Orders, and previous inhabitants of these lands.

Harsh weather conditions and new enemies will impose a great challenge upon Pilgrims.

  • New biome: the Dragon’s Grove
  • New places to explore: Library of the Keepers, Forge, Abandoned Mine, Islands of Woodhead and Julia, Hornhead’s Cave, Floating Tower, and many more!
  • New NPCs: The Blacksmith, Julia, the Underground King, Fisherman, the Buried, the Blind man, Coward, the Tavern Keeper, the Wishing Well.
  • 17 new islands.
  • A multitude of new enemies, resources, and items to craft.


The Curse destroys all the best in any creature, granting it, in exchange, destructive powers. Enemies on the islands became stronger and their weaponry - even more dangerous. Pilgrims will have to carefully prepare for engagements with new foes.

  • New, stronger Cursed: defenders, warriors, mages, archers.

The scent of pine resin is extremely attractive for manticores, so, unsurprisingly, those creatures can be frequently encountered in the Dragon’s Grove. One strike of their mighty paw with razor-sharp claws can shred a boar to scraps. And, much like smaller felines that like to push things off the table, manticores have a habit of pushing clueless Pilgrims from cliffs…

Lamb is a nutritious meal that can warm you up even in the coldest weather. But rams of the Dragon’s Grove won’t give up without a fight - their heavy horns can knock down even a Stone Elemental.

Red bubbles, unlike their cerulean cousins, are hostile to others even during the day. Perhaps, their fiery temper is fueled by their love to spit out fire. Those bubbles attack any living creature on sight with their accurate flaming shots.

  • New enemies: manticores, rams, fire bubbles.
  • New quests.
  • New items for trade.


Keepers of the Dragon’s Grove are much more dangerous than bosses of the Broken Valley. This time, preparation is crucial to achieving victory. Their destructive power will become a dangerous challenge for Pilgrims.
Defeat bosses and search for the hearts of the great dragons. They will open a Portal to the next biome, which is already in development.

  • New elite keepers.
  • To open a new portal you will need 5 artifacts.


Craft armor and weapons worthy of a true warrior. Find ore, smelt it into ingots in the blast furnace and discover new recipes for a blacksmith’s workbench.
Plate and chain armor allow you to take the heaviest of blows. And with newly forged weapons you will become a dangerous opponent for any enemy.

  • 3 new workstations.
  • 2 new armor sets and the ability to craft Leather armor.
  • Metal weapons.


Build a true stone fortress!
Blast furnaces for smelting iron and burning stones will allow you to create ingots and stone blocks to build a new house.

  • New stone building modules.
  • New resources to smelt: coal and mithril.
  • New furniture types: armory, wooden bed, and metal floor lamp.
  • Now you can place torches anywhere to light your path.

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