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Greetings, I express my deep gratitude to everyone who visited my last article, giving me a huge amount of feedback and positive emotions.

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Today, we will go through a briefing of the plot, learn about some of the mechanics of the game and get acquainted with the second group of opponents.

Attention! This art was created using a neural network.

Severe pain in the head ... darkness that gradually takes shape. Waking up, you do not understand what happened and where you are. The booming sound of footsteps echoes along the corridor, you are surrounded by unfamiliar but aggressive people who jerk you to your feet and then, looking at the uniform, you understand who these people are and where, perhaps, you are.

Attention! This art was created using a neural network.

The main character finds himself inside one of the complexes of the corporation and now he must create combat robots. Of course, being a supporter of science and a man who avoids violence, he refuses. But the corporation, anticipating such a course of events, brings the sister of the protagonist. By manipulating feelings, the corporation manages to get the knowledge of a genius. Thus, the acting hero begins a new life. Life in prison, with demands and daily threats.

Attention! This art was created using a neural network.

Periodically, the hero manages to visit his sister and communicate with other few characters on the base. Gradually, escape attempts exhaust themselves, and the understanding of the only way out grows stronger with each created robot. Become the strongest in the arena and gain freedom! From that day on, this goal becomes the meaning of our hero's life. He, not sparing himself, strives for this goal, at a certain moment demanding a strong opponent (because he believes that he has already achieved a lot), but when faced with an opponent, he realizes that he overestimated his strength.

Having cooled his ardor, the engineer changes tactics and stubbornly continues to move towards the previously designated goal. At some point, he meets the old offender again, defeats him and is surprised to find out that he was just a regional champion, and there are still dozens of strong opponents and hundreds of fights ahead.

Attention! This art was created using a neural network.

A few years later, a falling pile that has already become scrap metal means victory. Victory over the last opponent. Emotions, joy and self-admiration embrace the engineer, he rejoices and is ready to free himself… But what happens next…?

Combat system

Units (body parts) of the robot player are located in their zone (9 cells), enemy units are located in his zone (9 cells), actions are performed alternately.

The player and the opponent have a supply of energy (each has its own), which is spent on the actions of any controlled unit, and is replenished at the beginning of its turn.

Due to abilities with different types of activation (instant, delayed, etc.), a planned massive attack can be carried out. And abilities with different effects allow you to form different tactics.

scorpion rocket death right leg

Since the player's robot (like some opponents) is composite, the loss of body parts is the norm, there will even be the ability to self-detonate for maximum damage to the attacking forces.

For effective combat, it is beneficial for the player to use various abilities,

because after each use of the ability, its state decreases, which negatively affects its next use.

walking gif

System of levels, locations

Each level has its own view, corresponding to one of the climatic zones: green meadows, frosty tundra, or lifeless desert. Each level consists of several locations (usually 3-5).




Between locations there is a preparation phase where you can repair robot parts or produce new ones using materials.

For each level, small additional tasks are allocated, which should diversify the gameplay a little.

And of course, new robots that were not included in the previous article:

Boss chicken. Lays self-exploding bomb eggs, and inflicts great damage, actively moves across the field.

attack gif

A sniper drone with ultra-high accuracy that allows you to hit vulnerable units of units.

laser attack

A drone with a Galting scheme cannon that will gladly deliver a shower of lead to any opponent.

machinegun attack gif

And in the end, a drone with a powerful double-barreled cannon that produces a double volley.

yellow attack

This project has a free play-test version

Mr.Stukov - - 50 comments

Видел тебя на пикабу, успехов тебе в разработке!

Если не секрет, какую нейросетку использовал? Starryai?

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