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New Update addresses a lot of gameplay, balance and progression issues! (Also -33% Weeklong Deal)

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Hello there, Companions!

We’re excited to announce that we have a new, big update for you! It addresses a lot of the core problems with the gameplay, balance and progression in Glorious Companions. To make it even better we’re coupling it with a -33% Weeklong Deal!

Let’s dive right into what the update brings into the game:

Fog of War

We’ve finally added a feature that we had been planning to add since the very beginning. Fog of War will serve as a vital component in every battle. Our initial intention in making the battle maps as large as they were was to provide enough room for this mechanic, which requires you to move carefully through the battlefield in order to first scout your opponent. The night shall prove to be a bigger obstacle too, as all units now suffer from reduced vision range when the moon is out above.

It took longer than anticipated, but with the Fog of War system you’ll finally be able to put all your tactician skills to use.

Battle Win Conditions

We’ve read a lot of your feedback suggesting that the current win condition (killing the enemy captain) makes battles boring instead of exciting (which was our intention). After a few discussions we’ve decided that while this mechanic serves its role in a competitive multiplayer setting, it doesn’t work quite as well in a single player experience when playing against AI controlled enemies.

But we also didn’t want to completely get rid of it. From now on killing the enemy captain won’t end the battle, but instead it’ll substantially hinder enemy morale. First of all, death of the enemy captain will trigger a Fear check among the party and each unit will receive a slight debuff that’ll weaken its fighting capabilities. That way aiming to take down the enemy captain will still remain important to win the battle, and yet it should also make for a more fun and balanced gameplay.

Oh, and letting your own captain die will still trigger an instant defeat like it did so far.

Temporary Ability Learning Tweak

While we’re working on an overhaul of the Ability System, we wanted to implement a quick quality of life improvement into the game in this update. Till the next update is released you’ll be able to instantly learn your skills at Training Facilities (though the time will still pass while training) just like it was before for the captain unit. The training times were also significantly lowered. Of course you’ll still need the Learning Points and Gold, but you won’t have to say goodbye to your companions for multiple days each time you want to teach them a new ability.

Interactive Objects

We have a bunch of new and awesome illustrations for our Interactive Objects on the World Map. To spice things up we’ve decided to refresh the whole panel and implement some fancy fx on top. We’ve also added special sound effects for each of the interactives to convey the mood even better.
Expect a lot more Interactive Objects in the game when the new World Map Update is finally released!


  • Fog of War in battles.
  • Changed the win conditions - now killing an enemy captain applies a debuff to their units instead of ending the battle.
  • Added Escape menu in battles.
  • Dynamic HP bars that hide and show up automatically.
  • Overhaul of the Interactive Object panel.
  • New Interactive Object illustrations and sound effects.
  • Sight range is shorter at night.
  • Added a confirmation popup on turn's end.
  • Added adjustable outlines on allied and enemy units in battle.
  • Added contextual tips / onboarding in battle.


  • Tweaked the distribution of neutral enemy groups on the World Map.
  • Temporarily made all skill learning instantenous, units no longer have to stay at a training facility to learn them. (We'll be reworking this system in further updates.)
  • Rebalanced item prices as well as unit prices.
  • Taverns will host at least one of each unit type available in the given city.
  • Camp Training EXP now scales with the unit's level instead of Mind stat.
  • Camp First Aid heal buffed, passive HP regen on the World Map nerfed.
  • Buffed Poisonous Dart damage and poison.
  • Lowered the required EXP for levels past 6.
  • Lowered the required company EXP for all levels.
  • Buffed the Leather Armor's resistance.
  • Mystic Well gives more EXP on success.
  • Destroyed Wagon deals less damage on fail.
  • Abandoned Camp gives more gold on success.

Bug fixes and tweaks:

  • Fixed Knockback and Rain of Bullets being castable without ammo.
  • Fixed displaying accuracy % for all abilities.
  • Speed of camera scroll on the World Map now depends on the zoom level.
  • Displaying damage dealt to shield with Farewell ability instead of '0!'.
  • Fixed the range of Dragon Plague jump.
  • Fixed the range of Vengeance replenishing.
  • Tweaked the text appearance in the cutscene.
  • Unaffordable items at Flea Market have their prices colored red now.
  • The training facilities now show what you're lacking to learn an ability.
  • Fixed aura effects healing issue.

Bonus: New World Map progress

We can finally share with you some of the progress that we’re making on the new World Map. Keep in mind that these are WiPs though!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and remember to follow the game for more updates!

liamdawe - - 399 comments

Is it actually coming to Linux? It's Windows-only on Steam but your IndieDB page lists it for Linux?

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