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Let's talk about choices, first steps and some try.

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First lines of code

On september, the 21st, I wrote the first line of code for this project. First thing to know, Ruggnar is created using Monogame.

I really wanted to see Ruggnar moving on the screen. So to speed up the test, I put a simple background image with floor on it and Ruggnar moving without collision.

The light and shadow have been made at this stage of developpement.


That was a small step. The next one was to build the world around Ruggnar.

Collisions and Ladder

Ruggnar will climb ladder, jump on platform, fall on the floor.

For my test, I've placed the brick on top on those present on the background image. Now Ruggnar can do more thing. At this stage, he can hardly climb the ladder, but the collisions are here.


In order to make it more usable, I changed the way he use the ladder.


The candle, life and everything

One of the core component has been made really soon : throwing a candle.

As the castle is dark, and lighten only by the candles on the dwarf's helmet and some decoration, the player has the possibility to throw candles to be sure the path is safe before jumping.

But, beware, throwing a candle is like throwing a life away.

This is the first test for the throw.


Oh a treasure !

One last addition for the end of the first week was opening a treasure chest, after all, we all like surprises.


After one week, I have put the basics of Ruggnar.


good art btw

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