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This week we finally finished the character animation, implement the parallax effect form the backgrounds and a new feature to improve the game travel.

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Hello hello! We really hope that everyone is okay.

We finally finished the parallax effect for the backgrounds and the player's animation. We have the walking cycle, idle and jumping animation. Looks so cute!


This week we also implemented a new feature: the in game travel.

Why did we thought about this feature?

We started to think we should implement something like this because in every level we have collectibles that the player have to catch to unlock the next level. Since our game has a more horizontal playability, we implemented this feature to improve the vertical playability. Therefore, if the player forgets one collectible in the beginning of the level, all he has to do is use the game travel (there are spots in the rooms where the game travel is possible) and travel to the spot that it's near the collectibles.


Captura de ecr 2020 05 11 s 1Captura de ecr 2020 05 11 s

Those are the major changes we made.

See you in the next post!

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