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Patch notes for our second patch for Fight or Flight

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These improvements are mainly AI related, to make the offline play more enjoyable! :-)

Fight or Flight - - Patch Notes
Bots; Bot skill option added in menu, scale 0-100, This is very basic at the moment and will change the bots vision and rate of fire (will be expanded on)
AI; Fixed various bugs with AI's, they can now keep up with player better
UI; Improvements to server browser
UI; Killfeed simplified for killed by zone or environmental damage
Character; Improved vaulting system to make it smoother
Character; Decrease strafe and backwards walking speeds slightly, this is so when trying to escape a zombie or monster the player can no longer run backwards to avoid them
Weapons; SVD rate of fire increased
Weapons; SKS now also semi auto with increased rate of fire, I will be adding bolt rifles back in the future.

Known issues: Bullets will despawn when shot through glass on houses, this will be resolved with the next patch (will be large due to level size!)

I hope you enjoy these changes, zombie rate set to 4x is lots of fun! :>

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